Royal Horoscope



The new royal baby is here….she’s a Taurus with a Cancer Ascendant and Libra Moon.

A little hobby of mine when I have the time is to study family charts.  Issues and traits characterized by certain signs repeat through generations, and this family is no exception.

The new Princess’ Taurus Sun is in the same sign as the Queen’s Sun and the Prince of Wales’ Taurus Moon. Taurus is loyal, sensual and stubborn.  They appreciate the finer things in life and a beautiful, secure home is essential to them. Money and possessions are security to Taurus, and there is certainly no lack here.

With her ascendant in Cancer, she follows the Cancer family tradition coming down from Princess Diana through Prince William and Prince George. Her mother Kate has a Cancer Moon and North Node. The Queen’s North Node is also in Cancer. The sign of Cancer is very prominent in this family and Prince George’s Sun at 29 deg. Cancer suggests that they finally have a chance to learn the lessons of Cancer:  i.e., the value of family and tradition, security, home and hearth and strong leadership.

With her Libra Moon, the new baby will value justice, beauty and harmony.  She’s a natural born peacemaker and negotiator, as the Moon is conjunct her North Node. You can also expect her to be a beauty with fashion a priority.  I feel shades of Diana here….she may even look something like her.

There’s a Libra connection between Kate, William and the new Baby.  William has Saturn at 15 deg. Libra, Kate has her Saturn at 21 deg Libra, and the new Princess has her Moon exactly conjunct her North Node at 8 deg. Libra.  This suggests not only a karmic connection between the three of them, but a calmer, more harmonious monarchy than seen before.

Queen Elizabeth:  Sun in Taurus,  Ascendant in Capricorn, Moon in Leo,

Prince Philip:  Sun Gemini, Ascendant Capricorn, Moon Leo

Prince Charles:  Sun Scorpio, Ascendant Leo, Moon Taurus

Princess Diana:  Sun Cancer, Ascendant Sagittarius, Moon Aquarius

Prince William:  Sun Cancer, Ascendant Sagittarius, Moon Cancer

Duchess Kate:  Sun Capricorn, Ascendant Capricorn, Moon Cancer

Prince George:  Sun Cancer, Ascendant Scorpio, Moon Capricorn

Princess:  Sun Taurus, Ascendant Cancer, Moon Libra


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