Separation of Sex and State

We need a new constitutional amendment separating sex and state.  Yes, SEX and state.  It seems like the only bills our legislature is capable of passing are bills which in some way impose their own skewed sexual values upon the rest of us. Am I the only one who thinks Freud would have a field day with our legislators?

They have even coined a new word for it:  gynotician.  I personally think it’s a little, well, sick.  They seem to be obsessed with our sexual behaviour and regulating it.  The only other countries that seem to have this same obsession are in well, the Middle East. That’s pretty damn scary.

Apparently they would now like for our bosses to be able to fire us for using birth control.  The Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act, which prohibits employers from discriminating against employees accessing in-vitro fertilization, using birth control, having premarital sex or seeking an abortion has been targeted.  This is all in the name of religious freedom.  Religious freedom apparently apparently means having the right to violate the freedom of others in the name of Jesus.

The is the latest in a long list of attacks on sexual and reproductive rights of Americans.  There’s a sick quality to it:  as though these mostly white sex obsessed men have declared a war on women and reproductive rights bringing us to a theocratic government seen only in sharia law controlled countries. Different ancient book, same effect.

I can’t even begin to say how this makes me feel.  Disgusted, for one.  Depressed.  Appalled. Nauseated.  Ashamed. Ashamed of my country, one that was built on personal freedom and forward thinking.  Built by politicians and leaders who were intelligent, educated and open minded, quite the opposite of some of our leaders of today.

I remember the days when there was no birth control pill or abortion.  Just because these were not available did not mean that people did not have sex.  They did; they simply paid the consequences with illegal abortions that often killed them.  Or spent their lives pregnant.  Was that a better day?  I think not.

What is the next step in all this?  Morality police?  Teaching their absurd beliefs in schools?  Oh, right, they already do that. Not only do we have a legislature filled with sex obsessed, stupid people who don’t understand or believe in science, we are now altering history and school books to reflect their own stupidity.  I actually passed a “creation museum” in the middle of San Diego while driving on the free way recently.Seriously?

Maybe all those conspiracy theorists are correct:  they are spraying something up in the sky that’s dumbing us down.  I can’t really imagine any other explanation for it.

The basic premise seems to be that human life, even in its fertilized cell state, is so precious that it must be preserved at any cost.  This is the same human life that is destroying our planet, over populating it, killing each other and all the other species living on the planet.  It’s like a cancer that is metastasising out of control.

I really do think it’s time for a Separation of Sex and State.


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