Just My Personal Opinion


Has anyone seen the article about the hunter who paid $350,000 to kill a Rhino in Namibia, Africa? He claimed to be doing it for conservation, as the animal was old and a “danger” to other Rhinos.

I made a comment that I didn’t understand how someone could derive pleasure out of killing such a beautiful animal and how would killing it help the species? I don’t buy the concept that it’s a danger to other Rhinos. When an animal becomes old and looses some of its strength it becomes prey for other animals. It’s called natural selection.

I think the hunter just got a lot of egoistic pride from killing that beautiful animal. He was asked if another Rhino charged him would he kill it too? And he said yes, he would. I really don’t understand how this is conservation….sort of like the concept of waging war for peace…..

Well, I was attacked by posters for my comments. I was called “stupid”, accused of not reading the article or not being intelligent enough to understand it and not knowing anything about animals. It seems to me that when people don’t have the intellectual ability to communicate their opinions, they resort to personal attack. They can be quite vicious I’ve found.

I think humans as a species need to get past finding pleasure in causing pain and death to fellow humans and animals. We need to come from a place of compassion and reverence for life. And we need to deal with one another in a more polite and respectful way. If not, then we are doomed to spending the rest of our collective life on a dying planet fighting one another for our differences.

I also question the right of a government to auction off a pass to kill an animal at all, let alone an endangered species. Yes, I understand that governments do this all the time, but do we actually have this right? Do we actually own all the life on planet Earth? We need to have a greater respect for life than we currently have.

Another issue I had was that just because the article stated that this was good for conservation, does not make it so. Just because you read something on Facebook doesn’t make it true. It’s like people read the article and thought, “Oh, ok, it’s on Yahoo/Facebook so therefore it must be all factual and true.” It’s like moths to a flame or sheep following each other. Who’s not thinking here?

If you can’t state your opinion on something without resorting to personal attack, then maybe perhaps you shouldn’t be having an opinion at all.

Just sayin’.


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