Memorial Day 2015


Memorial Day 2015….let’s remember all those who have given their lives for our country.  And think a little bit about war, too.

Memorial Day was started after the Civil War to honor all the war dead in that conflict.  620,000 Americans died in that war, brothers fighting brothers.   In Iraq, 4810 died while 3487 died in Afghanistan.  The U.S. lost over 58,000 troops in Vietnam. These death tolls are extraordinary when you really think about them.

Today, over 8,000 U.S. families will be mourning their dead sons, fathers, daughters, mothers, wives, husbands, sisters and brothers.  We should always keep them in our hearts and remember them every day.  I make a point to look at their faces on a daily basis so that I won’t forget the terrible toll these wars have taken on the American people.

We really need to find a different way to get along with each other.  We need to overcome the greed of some of our citizens who profit from war.  We need to not get so complacent that we forget that there are still Americans dying on foreign soil even today.  It hasn’t all gone away since the media stopped reporting on it.  It doesn’t go away because Kim Kardashian had a baby, or some Americans oppose rights for all our citizens, or we are drunk and laughing at a barbecue.

The photo above is of a young man who is a son. a husband and a father.   SFC Kristoffer Domeij was killed in action in his 14th deployment in Afghanistan October 22, 2011. He is survived by two little girls, a wife and a mother who cries for him on a daily basis, still.  He was a good friend to my son, a Marine, and to the group of boys who grew up here in Rancho Bernardo.  They went to school together, partied together and considered themselves best buds.  They were all devastated by his passing.

Please don’t forget that there is still a war going on.  And never forget that we should always be striving for peace, not war.


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