Of Wine and Roses-Blessings on the Solstice


I am thinking about my grape vine that has been happily growing outside my window  over the last few months.  Earlier this Spring, I noticed the first little crop of grapes forming.  Not sure exactly of the date; I wish I had written it down. Today, on the Summer Solstice, they are ripening to perfection.

It struck me that the little vine had worked hard over several months to produce that one little bunch of grapes. The same for the lone apple on the apple tree.  The beautiful rose on the rose bush.  All of nature.  All of our food and flowers.

Do we take time to appreciate the bounty of nature?  Do we truly realize the effort that produces our food?

Seems silly to some I’m sure.  But for me, watching that single bunch of grapes grow over these months has been a lesson. The lesson is that all of nature is working hard and wondrously to do their part on this planet so that all life can be sustained.  All life is connected.  We need to take time to appreciate all life and to treat it with love and respect.

It’s a process of slowing down.  Everyone is so busy with their jobs and cell phones and cars.  We sort of zoom around this planet, leaving a trail of garbage, never taking the time to see the struggles of other species, or to appreciate all that nature does on this mighty planet.

Those are my thoughts on the Solstice Day 2015.  It’s a time of sunshine, vacations, beaches, iced tea, barbecues and beer.  It’s the time when they sun is at it’s peak and food is in abundance because nature labored hard.  Wishing you Blessings on this Solstice Day.


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