Trump Trumped


I try to keep politics out of my blog, but it’s not always easy.  Sometimes I just have to say something.  If I don’t, it nags at me like crazy until I do.

Today I’m thinking about Donald Trump’s recent speech where he called Mexicans “criminals and rapists”.  What was truly astounding to me is that I am assuming Donald Trump is a reasonably intelligent man.  So why would he make such a remark and jeopardize his presidential bid?  The reason is a little frightening to me.  He said those things because we as a people have allowed such rhetoric for years.  

I believe it started when we allowed a very radical right wing “Christian” contingency into our mainstream.  Go back to Ronald Regan dining at the White House with Jerry Falwell, the top purveyor of hate rhetoric. Sorry, you don’t dine with people like that unless you share their sentiments.  I certainly never would have had any interaction with him, because he spewed his hatred every week on TV. Thankfully, Falwell has passed on.

That movement slowly grew until George W. Bush crossed the line between church and state.  Over the years, it became politically correct to be racist.  Look at the histories of many of our right wing neo-con politicians.  I won’t repeat some of the blatantly racist remarks here, they make my stomach churn.  You need only Google “racist remarks by politicians” and you will find plenty.

These are the same people who fought (and continue to fight, despite the Supreme Court ruling) gay marriage and equal rights for women.  They are the same people who defend the right to fly the confederate flag, a symbol of the most bloodshed ever spilled on American soil in the successful attempt to eradicate slavery.

Let’s face it, the climate in America has become racist.  We have allowed a climate where people like Donald Trump feel comfortable spouting racist remarks.

But the joke’s on Trump.  Trump has been trumped.  The American public has had it.  As of 2013, the American public is 30% Hispanic, Black and Latino, and growing faster than any other groups.  50% of the public are women.  That’s a whopping 80%.

The American public has shifted out of the torpor created by the fearmongering of the Bush administration and the numbness of years of endless war.  They are no longer tolerant of blatant racism, as Trump has found out.

Your fired, Donald, move along.


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