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People who read Tarot approach it from many different perspectives. Some are adept at interpreting the cards and base their practice on this. Others utilize their psychic and empathic skills to help to interpret the cards. Their focus may be different too; some may use the cards for divination purposes, some for spiritual growth, and some for a combination of both.

The Tarot is a divination tool. But it is also a tool for spiritual growth. The Fool’s Journey through the Major Arcana reflects the path that many of us have trod on the road to spiritual enlightenment. The Minor Arcana reflect the many possibilities we encounter during the hours of our mundane life. Put together, it is a powerful tool to help us navigate the often challenging roads of life.

My own focus is all of the above and the fact that I am also a Life Coach. I use the Tarot as a tool to help identify issues, understand the motivations behind the issues and to help my clients find solutions to their issues and problems by setting attainable goals. I use my skills as a coach to be there for my clients through all the paths that life may take them down.

Some clients want to understand their romantic issues. Many want to know if he/she is their “soul mate”. Others have challenging decisions to make, are at a crossroad in life, or are suffering the pain of a break up. A few are searching for the soul’s purpose. Many are concerned with their career and financial issues. The Tarot can help you to see all the POSSIBILITIES that exist.

I don’t personally believe that everything is set in stone. The Tarot reading represents the probable outcome of events as things stand at the moment of the reading. The mere fact that you are getting the read can change the outcome as you see how things are currently lined up. We as a species have something called “free will” and are able to exercise our free will at any time. Having a Tarot reading allows you to see the probable outcome and the skills of the reader will help you to see possible ways to change the outcome to your benefit. A client should leave feeling positive and hopeful that whatever situation brought him or her in has a good resolution and that they have power over the situation.

What can a Tarot reading do for you? The Tarot has many possible uses.

1. Answer questions about possible outcomes to your situation.
2. Understand underlying emotions within yourself and others.
3. Help you to understand what issues are holding you back.
4. Compare two possible paths if you are at a crossroad.
5. Understand the motivations of people around you.
6. Help in decision making.
7. Encourage your spiritual growth.
8. Understand your closest relationships.
9. Present you with solutions to problems.
10. Help you to set attainable goals.
11. Leave you in a positive, empowered mindset with hope for the future.

If you are interested in getting a Tarot reading, contact me through my website,


2 thoughts on “The Tarot

  1. For anybody considering getting a reading, tarot card or astrology from Georgia, you will be doing yourself a hugh favor. I have know Georgia for years and she has done many readings for me as well has been my teacher. Her work is so profound that I give her readings as gifts to my friend. Give yourself a gift of insight to your life, contact her and get a reading.
    Herleena Hunt

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