Ego and the Healer


One of the issues I find with students, especially when they reach the Reiki Master levels, is the growth of the ego.  By the time a student has reached that level, they have experienced a great deal of healing success on all levels with their own clients. There may even have been some “miracle” healing, as this is possible with Reiki.

The ego is evident in many ways.  The student tries to control the energy with unnecessary techniques.  The student may become boastful of successes and start believing that it’s him that is causing the healing.  Others may feel belittled or not of consequence. Group facilitators become dictatorial and alienate some of the participants. You are in trouble when you begin to believe that it’s YOU doing the healing.

The truth about Reiki that may not be out there enough is that it’s simple.  And it works, no matter what you do.  The energy goes where it is needed.  How else can you explain the effectiveness of distance healing?  Reiki is so simple and effective that a 4 year old can become a healer. And a paraplegic.  I have trained many myself.

Reiki is life force energy.  It emanates from the Divine, whatever your concept of Divine is.  It exists in perfection.  We are lucky enough to be able to be attuned through Reiki to channel more of this energy through our bodies and out our hands, feet, eyes and breath.  But that is what we are, merely channels for this magnificent energy.

We can perfect our techniques and tools and that is a wonderful thing. Providing a nurturing and relaxing environment for a client is essential. I think the trouble comes when we believe that it is us doing the healing.  It’s not; it’s the energy.

We need to keep our egos in check so as to not have a judgement of another’s healing progress.  In fact, as healers, we should not even keep an absolute goal in mind when approaching a healing. Your client might have a goal but the healer should only stand in as a channel for healing for the highest good of the client.  Many times, pain and illness have origins which are not readily apparent, such as those issues that result from past trauma, negative thinking or even past lives and the client may not be consciously aware of this.  By staying open, we allow for the flow of energy to work for the highest good of our clients. Trying to control the energy to fit our own vision may not be in the best interest of our clients.

I’ve seen ego peep it’s not so beautiful head out in Reiki Circles.  Some healers seek to show everyone how much more effective and dedicated they are through drama and self aggrandizing. One woman I remember vividly brought a giant, ten pound Quartz crystal to Circle and asked that it be used on her.  She wouldn’t let anyone touch it because, as she stated, “You couldn’t afford to replace it if you broke it.”  Of course many of the participants were offended by her.  Another time I caught one of my Master students in a state of exhaustion.  When I asked him why he should be exhausted (as Reiki does not require use of our own energy), he told me how he was guiding the energy into the client by massive visualizations and forcing blue light into the client.  Of course he was exhausted!

All we need to do become effective healers is let go of our egos and simply allow the energy to flow.  We can use hand positions or Chakra positions, but we don’t need to do anything further than that.  Thus the energy flows freely through the healer to the client and both are energized and receive healing.  I have always said that I receive much healing myself by working on others.

Life force energy, or Ki, exists in perfection.  Be an open and non-judgemental participant or as shamans put it, “a hollow bone”.  This allows for the most optimum flow of energy.  As I tell all my students, “I don’t care if you raise the dead; it’s not YOU.”

❤ Blessings, Georgia

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