Psychic Skills


The following is an excerpt from the book, Tarot Secrets, which I co-wrote with Lady Brenda McKoy.  We published it to go with our Tarot Workshops.  It’s a simple book to help  the beginning student learn the meanings of the cards.  It also includes our favorite spreads and meditations.

You can get a copy on Amazon Kindle here:  Tarot Secrets

What Are Psychic Skills?

The word “psychic” actually comes from the Greek word “psyche” which means “soul”. A psychic person is aware of herself as a soul or spiritual being. Being psychic means that you can easily access the wisdom of your soul and your connectedness to the Universe/Divine. When you are an integral part of the Universe and the Divine, you can easily access it collective universal knowledge, and receive help and advice from your spirit guides, angels, and your higher self. You will accept responsibility for all your actions, knowing that everything you do and say affects everything and everyone else, because we are all connected. Our psychic gifts and abilities are messages from the Divine source that only wants us to reach our highest and fullest potential and live in joy and abundance. Signs are there all the time, we just don’t see/hear them.

Hopefully, by the end of this workbook, the student will trust and use his psychic gifts to better his life, and also to find his or her niche of gift.

There are many types of psychic gifts. What may be one person’s, may not be yours. You may have expectations of one type of gift but your gift may be something you might not have thought would be a gift.

Here are some:

  • Clairaudience:  Hearing that which is inaudible, such as hearing your baby’s cry when you are apart, or hearing the voices of your angels and guides
  • Clairsentience: An inner knowing of that which is hidden
  • Clairvoyance: The ability to see visions of things that are hidden or far away
  • Psychometry:  By holding an object in the hand, one can ascertain facts or information about the person who owns the object
  • Automatic Writing:  Communicating with angels, guides or the higher self while the brain is in alpha state
  • Astral Travel:  The ability to travel to other places while leaving the body behind
  • Divination:  The ability to see what is hidden and predict the future through the use of psychic tools such as Tarot, Runes, pendulum, dousing rods, tea leaves, etc.
  • Empathy:  The ability to feel what another is feeling
  • Precognition:  The ability to predict events occurring in the future
  • Telepathy:  The ability to read another’s thoughts or mind.
  • Aura and Energy Reading:  Seeing the colors of the aura, chakras or energy fields of people or animals
  • Shamanic skills:  The ability to communicate with spirits or animal spirits

We are connected to other realities that are not in our immediate awareness. Many of us experience precognition, past life recollection, psychic phenomena, see Auras and Chakras, ghosts, guides, angels and other beings. We “hear voices” in our heads that help us to make good choices in life. Many times we are told we are crazy, but we aren’t. And many of us have been so repressed that we are no longer connected to other realities. But we can relearn the skills, which are our birthright.

❤ Blessings, Georgia

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