Crystal Room Grids


You can turn a room into a crystal grid.  Various purposes would be for protection, healing, love, passion, prosperity, intuition and sleep.  By turning the room into an actual grid, you can receive constant energy without having to actually do anything!

I use this method in the home.  Our Reiki meeting room, aka the living room, is gridded to provide continual healing while people are in there.

Turning the room into a grid can be quite simple, or as elaborate as you would like. For a simple grid, choose four good sized crystals that have been cleansed and that are compatible with what you would like to accomplish. For example, choose Rose Quartz in the bedroom to give a soft, relaxing, loving energy.  Hold the crystals individually in your hands, and infuse with the Reiki Symbols, or just Reiki energy. Hold for several minutes.  Place one in each corner of the room. Charge them every few days in the same manner. Be sure to keep them clean and dusted.

If you do psychic work, read Tarot or other divination tools, create a grid of crystals that enhance intuition such as Amethyst, Fluorite, Celestite and Quartz Channelers. This will help you to connect with your clients as well as your own psychic ability and to keep you focused. You can add four stones such as Hematite or Black Tourmaline for protection.  This will keep your client’s possible negative energy away from you while you give the reading.

Here are some suggestions for crystals for other purposes:

Hematite, Black Tourmaline:  Protection and grounding

Rose Quartz:  Love, healing relationships, peace, compassion and sleep

Orange Quartz, Ruby, Carnelian:  Relationships, attraction and sex

Celestite, Blue Quartz:  Communication

Citrine, Jade:  Business and money success

For illness, choose a stone that most corresponds to the illness, such as Citrine for stomach issues, Kunzite for depression, Blue Lace Agate for throat issues and Malachite for heart issues.

Remember to keep your rooms energetically cleansed by walking them with a smoking Sage bundle. Do this regularly in your home or office to keep negative energy out.


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