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“McSpirit” is a little phrase I coined several years ago when I was totally frustrated by a group that could not find a free day to have another Reiki Circle.  I was facilitating the group for someone else.  Everyone had a booked calendar with all sorts of “New Age” type events….channeling, yoga, colonics, you name it.

It got me to thinking, doesn’t anyone spend any time with a spiritual path?  How can you reap the benefits of a path if you don’t spend any time on it? There is no instant enlightenment.  It’s not a magic show!

I see this especially with Reiki clients.  They come for Reiki and expect an illness or disease to be healed immediately.  Actually when you consider how long it takes to manifest, how can one session heal it?  I think we are conditioned by stories like touching the hem of Jesus’ garment and being healed.  Real life healing takes time and dedication and is multi-faceted. Healing occurs on three levels:  body, mind and spirit. It make take several disciplines and perhaps some homeopathic or allopathic medicine to heal.  But it’s necessary to stick to it.

And so does spiritual progress.  When you try a spiritual path, stay on it. If you choose Reiki to help on your healing journey, give it time to work its miracles. Explore all the subpaths and nooks and crannies.  That’s the beauty of a spiritual path.  There is so much to learn and explore.

For Reiki healing, remember it takes several sessions sometimes to see real progress.  Have some dedication.  It really does work.  I always recommend a minimum of three sessions spaced a day apart.  For more serious conditions, Reiki can be added during the inbetween times through crystals and the creation of crystal grids.

There is no McSpirit; sorry.

Blessings, Georgia

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