Crystals and the Intuitive Arts

Crystal Ball

Crystals can play a big part in the intuitive arts. Tarot readers and psychics can greatly enhance their abilities by adding crystals to their repertoire.  Yesterday I wrote about how you can create a grid in your reading room to enhance your intuition and today I will write about other ways to use crystals in your practice.

I personally find the Quartzes most conducive to enhancing intuition, but I’m sure there are other stones that are just as helpful. I consider Quartz one of nature’s miracles.  Quartz is a beautifully aligned six sided clear piece of mastery with so many variations, inclusions and even rainbows! No two are alike and all are helpful and programmable. They also come in the most wonderful colors and variations. Some even contain two colors such as Ametrine.  This stone consists of Amethyst and Citrine.  It’s a good choice if you are just learning to trust your intuition. Amethyst increases intuition, while Citrine increases confidence. It’s a gorgeous purple and yellow color.

The facets on the top of Quartz form different patterns.  Look at the face of the stone and you will see that they have varying numbered sides.  Most have six, but some are different. My favorite is the Dow Quartz.  This crystal has three facets with 7 edges each, and a triangle behind each face. The illustration below is that of a Dow Smoky Quartz. This crystal is present during all of my readings.  It opens my mind and helps me to focus. The Dow is both a channeler and a receiver so it will help you to connect with guides and receive the information.


After I have set out the reading, I hold it in my hand while I talk to the client.

I also keep a crystal in my Tarot bags and boxes with my cards.  I feel this keeps the cards sharp and alert and ready to do a reading.  For the most part, I use Quartz crystals, but you can use other stones too.

Another way to use crystals to enhance your intuition is by placing them on the Third Eye chakra during a meditation.  You need to be laying down to do this, otherwise the crystals will roll off your head.  Place them on the forehead before you do your meditation. Amethyst is the best choice to enhance meditation.  Here is an illustration:


In this illustration, an Amethyst is placed on the Third Eye Chakra, which is one of the seven main energy centers in the body and the seat of our intuition.  She is receiving Reiki energy to her head.  The stone will amplify the Reiki energy and increase her intuitive/psychic ability. Do this regularly and you will see an increase in your intuitive ability.  You don’t have to be attuned to Reiki; the crystal will do its work.

You can create a crystal grid under your table to focus energy too.  You can use intuitive crystals such as Amethyst and clear Quartz.  Or you can create a grid to facilitate calm and loving communication, such as the one I created that is in the photograph below. It consists of Lapis and Rose Quartz.  Blue is the color of the Throat Chakra which governs our ability to speak and hear truth, and pink is definitely a Heart Chakra color.


If you work with angels and do angel readings, the best stones to use are Celestite (also known as Celestine) and Angelite.  They are both blue and one of their primary functions are to connect to the angelic realms.  Both are pretty easily available. They have a very gentle, loving energy.  Pictured below is Celestite.


There are other ways to use crystals to enhance intuition.  I have a pair of drop earrings that are small Quartz points.  Wearing them near the ears, throat and Third Eye will definitely enhance intuition.  You can also wear a necklace.  I have seen pendants that were created specifically for that purpose by choosing intuition enhancing stones to grace it.

The piece de resistance (sorry I don’t have proper punctuation for that word on this computer) is of course the crystal ball, pictured above.  This conjures up images of wicked witches but it’s actually a very important tool for some psychics.  Gazing into it for some time will place the mind into alpha brain waves, which is an intuitively receptive state. Some people actually see images in the ball, while others say the crystal ball stimulates images in the mind. Either way, it’s a powerful tool for those who have the ability to use them.

If you are interested in adding crystals to your intuitive work, start by getting a book that describes crystals and their uses, preferably one with good images.  Spend a little time reading about your possible choices.  Then go to a crystal store and spend some time with different crystals.  The one that is right for you will call out to you.  It will feel like an old friend in your hands, while the wrong one will feel foreign to you. If there is not a crystal store nearby, you can always go to the internet, but it’s not possible that way to feel the energy of the crystal.  Try to find someone who works with crystals rather than a large distributor.  They can help you make your choice.

I could continue writing but I must get up and get on with my day….I hope this blog has been helpful to you.

❤ Georgia

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