Your Personal Tarot Card

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The following is adapted from my book co-authored with Lady Brenda McKoy, Tarot Secrets. To get a copy of Tarot Secrets, click here.

Finding your own personal Tarot card is helpful in understanding your life’s purpose. The lessons of this card represent something you need to master in this life.  For the professional reader, it’s helpful to find your client’s personal Tarot card from the Major Arcana as this will give you some insight into them.

First, apply numerology to your birthday.  If your birthday is 12-12-1982, you would do the following:

Break down the numbers of your birth date and add the numbers of the date together as single digits:  1+2+1+2+1+9+8+2=26.  You would further reduce this number to 2+6=8.  Your Tarot number is 8, which in the Rider Waite deck, is the Strength card.  The Strength card’s meaning is gaining dominion over the base or animal instincts.  In a sense, it can be conquering our fears, which are symbolized by the lion.  If you notice the yellow background that encircles the woman on the card, and the infinity sign over her head, you can see that knowledge is what she uses to gently subdue the lion.  She is not using brute strength, but her wiles.

If your date adds up to a double digit of 21 or under, use that number rather than reducing the number further. So if your birth date reduces to 21, the 21st card is The World, which is your birth card. There are no numbered Major Arcana after that. So, for a birth date that reduces to 12 for example, you would use Then Hanged Man.

Once you find your birth number and corresponding Tarot card, study the card deeply to get the meaning from it. Journal about it and meditate upon it. You can do this for your clients too.  They will love it!

❤ Blessings, Georgia

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