September 1.  This day brings promise of autumn, of falling leaves and brilliant colors from the infinite palate of the Universe. I am always thrilled by the diversity of nature and astounded by its beauty.

I remember as a child, growing up in New Jersey, jumping in piles of leaves that my father had just raked.  The maple tree in front of my house put on a wonderful display, the grownups grumbled about the endless raking, while the children bounced in the leaves. Such a different perspective that is brought on by growing up.

Now I live in Southern California, and we have few trees that actually change color in the fall.  Most are palm trees or evergreen.  I enjoy the amazing flowers the cacti produce in the spring.  Desert flowers are just the best.

I don’t particularly like heat, so the cool temps of autumn, even in California, are so refreshing and invigorating.  Open the windows at night and the cool air seeps in. Promises of pumpkins, Halloween, holidays and permeate the air.  In times past, we would have celebrated the harvest.  Now others do the harvesting for us.

So I enjoy gazing at pictures of beautiful fall foliage from the East and sharing on my Facebook page, Sacred Images. I also have to admit that I enjoy not having to rake anymore.

Love and Light, Georgia

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