Review-Tudor Lenormand By Eva Sawyer


The Tudor Lenormand by Eva Sawyer is a brand new deck I received from its creator, Eva Sawyer to try out and review.   I received it in the mail yesterday and here are my first impressions.

I love the little plastic box it comes in!  It’s just a clear plastic box, but as a Cancer Sun sign, I’m enamored of boxes anyway.  I love the new Tarot in a Tin, and this is great because you can see the cards through it.  It keeps them tucked away safe and sound, especially if you keep a deck in your purse as I do.


I love the image on the back too, though the writing on my cards is positioned a little differently than the one above.

The first thing I thought is where is the little booklet? Most decks come with little booklets that are not really very good, but I’m not proficient in Lenormand, though I’ve been reading the original Tarot professionally for almost 20 years.  So a booklet might have helped.  I did, however, go to the website and found something really exciting!  Not only is there a description of each card, but a history behind the image as this is a historical Tudor deck.  The first card shown above is of the ship, The Mary Rose, which first saw battle in 1512.  Us Cancers love history, so this was a great plus.  I would totally love to see this information in book form!  And I would be willing to pay extra for it as some Tarot deck creators have done!  In the meantime, I’ll read it online and get a great history lesson as well as a new deck to play with.

The deck is the small playing card size that I also love.  The images appear to be photographs and photographs of paintings, which is nice (I like photo decks, my favorite being the great Voyager deck) and it’s here that I find the only criticism of it. Photography is my hobby, and I would have liked the images to be of crisper quality. That might have to do with the printer.  But the card stock is great, and looks like it will hold up.

I’m just learning Lenormand so I can’t really say too much about reading with them.  I will have to find someone who is willing to be my “guinea pig”.

I read that there is another deck by this author coming out in 2016 and I look forward to it.

To purchase this deck from the creator, Eva Sawyer, go to The Red Dragon Apothocary, her website.

UPDATE:  I heard from the author and they are waiting for the funding to go through to do either a published book or PDF.  Can’t wait!!!

4 thoughts on “Review-Tudor Lenormand By Eva Sawyer

  1. Thank you for your fantastic feedback! Hopefully in these last few days we can pick up some traction in the funding. Even if we do not reach the full amount we have a plan in place. Decks will still be available, but perhaps a little higher then we planned. It will also take it longer to be able to get to retailers since we wouldn’t be able to order “in bulk” which brings the price down.

    Also if we do not reach the stretch goal we will be releasing the book as a downloadable PDF file by the end of the year. Anyone interested in supporting our crowdfunding campaign can contribute here:

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