Psychic Scam?


I watched an episode of Bill Maher recently in which he slammed psychics. Apparently, a “psychic” in New York scammed someone out of $700,000.  He spent a segment of his show talking about how all psychics are scam artists and how it’s not possible to foretell the future in any way.

Bill Maher is a very black and white man.  I do have to admit that I enjoy his show. I find his political comments to be lovely satire, but sometimes I think he just goes too far, as he did on this segment. He does not believe in anything beyond his own personal reality.

I also do think he represents a certain percentage of the population that also feels this way because of the bad press psychics get periodically because of a few scam artists. This person who ripped off his client was not a psychic, but a scam artist. There are scam artists in every vocation.  I recently read of a doctor who has having his staff perform his operations and caused terrible harm to his patients.  There are people selling investments to people that are totally rip offs.  Oil companies that deny global warming….there are people all over who make a good living off ripping off others.  But that doesn’t make all people in those fields bad.

I think our profession of Tarot readers/psychics get a bad rap because we deal in intangibles.  It’s scary to think that perhaps some person can foresee the future, or see energy fields or sense things about other people.  It’s easier to say it’s a scam then it is to open the mind to possibilities beyond our three dimensional world.  Or to admit that some people have developed this gift of the Third Eye Chakra, just like it’s easier to believe that climate change isn’t real, just a delusion of those who put health and wellbeing of our planet before their wallets.  Neither is particularly tangible.  You can only see the results….more devastating fires, weather and the mass extinction of species.

For the Tarot reader/psychic, the tangible proof is in the ability to make changes in our lives and our client’s lives after receiving a reading and to avert possible negative outcomes and to understand the underlying motivations behind someone’s behavior who has hurt us.

There are many, perhaps most psychics and Tarot readers, who come to their profession well trained, with their Third Eye well developed, and who sincerely wish to help their clients.  And they do sincerely help their clients as the testimonials on our websites indicate.

The Tarot works on the principle of synchronistically. A definition of synchronicity is: “The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”.  Choosing a card, a random event, and linking it to another event (your question) to form a conclusion is in a nutshell, how it works. It’s not really mysterious or nefarious. The word, “Synchronicity,” was actually coined by Carl Jung, the eminent psychiatrist, when he saw the principle being acted out in the life of his patients.  We really don’t understand how it works, but it does.  Our limited minds just can figure it out at this point in time, but it’s no reason to discount it.

We tend to place the value of a concept on the limits of our minds.  For example, humans believed that the world was flat until someone decided to sail across it.  So we came to the conclusion that the world was flat because that was our experience of it.  That’s a human fallacy I think.  Throughout time, there have been certain human thinkers who dared to think beyond the common belief.  Albert Einstein. Socrates. Galileo. Leonardo Da Vinci.  Dr. Martin Luther King.  And so on.  And we learned and grew from them. And in time, sometimes hundreds of years later, other great thinkers, though not as original, proved them right.  And the world became a better place because of it.


4 thoughts on “Psychic Scam?

  1. …and I hope more people really become aware of what’s happening all around them. Everyone is opening up like a book… Or is it me just noticing it more? Anyways, I just wish more people in the PUBLIC EYE were credible so we can stop the discounting of the reality of it. Great article. Mind if I reblog?

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