Caveat Emptor


This blog is a further consideration of my previous blog, “Psychic Scam”.

In every vocation, there will be those scam artists who seek to rip everyone off with the least amount of effort.  Doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and of course “psychics”.  And I put that word in quotes because they are not really psychics.  They are scam artists.

I think it’s best to start at the beginning.  What is the definition of “psychic”? The word psychic comes from the Greek word psȳchikós, meaning “of the soul”. As an adjective, it means, relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.  And as a noun, a person considered or claiming to have psychic powers; a medium.  

What I haven’t found as a definition is “a person who claims to perform magic tricks to make your life run smoothly, or to manifest your goals for you.”

It leads me to ask, can another person do that for you?  I personally believe that you, and only you are responsible for the path you take in life.  Life might throw you a curveball, but it’s up to you to change it.  A Tarot reading can show you where you are currently headed, but since this is a free will planet, we have the free will to change the direction.  The reading shows the possible outcome(s), but it’s not written in stone.

I recently had a woman come to me for a reading.  I was suspicious when she called, as she was very hedgy about what she wanted.  I wasn’t even sure she wanted a Tarot reading at all (I also do Reiki and Astrology).  But when she got there she definitely did want a Tarot reading.  It came out that she believed that three separate people put curses on her and that’s why her life wasn’t working out. After questioning her, I found that she had several very mundane and concrete problems that kept her life so negative.  She would have better been served by an attorney than a psychic.  I told her that, but I couldn’t convince her that it was true.  And for the record, there was nothing in the reading to indicate that people had cursed her or wished her ill will.

This woman was a prime target for those who would scam her.  In a sense, she was lucky that she didn’t have any money.  And I wished with all my heart I could get through to her but I couldn’t.  And sometimes we have to accept that and move on.

A basic belief of mine is that I, and only I, am responsible for my own life.  My life is not a product of negative karma or curses or the negative thoughts of others. My life is a product of my actions and reactions to those things. Certainly they may exist but I am not slave to them.  No one can negate my karma, only me.  No one can “cut cords” for me, nor can I “cut cords” for others.  To cut a cord (or attachment) you must be completely ready to let go of the person cording you.  If even a small part of that cord remains, the attachment cannot be broken.  I learned that lesson the hard way.

What I can do, as a Tarot reader, healer and Astrologer, is bring this information to my client’s attention.  It comes up in the Tarot readings, is obvious in the astrological chart, and can be perceived and even viewed in the client’s auric field.  It’s very obvious sometimes.  It’s NOT my job to negate someone’s karma or clear cords.  I might perhaps suggest ways to overcome issues and blocks, and coach a client through it, BUT I CAN’T DO IT FOR THEM.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could?  Or if I could simply pay someone to fix all the issues in my life?  And then I could just lay back and enjoy it. Life, however, doesn’t work that way,

As Tarot readers, we are information purveyors.  We consult the cards, and through the principle of synchronicity, they give us the answers.  We convey the information to our clients. We may possibly have solutions to problems, or perhaps our job that day is to convey hope.

Whether people accept it or not, some of us are psychic.  Some of us are empathic. Some are mediums. And some of us are truly clairvoyant.  And we can use those skill sets to help people.  But we do not burn off your karma for you, or break curses or anything like that.

So the next time you go for a reading, think about that.  Take your power back.  Use common sense.  You can’t buy everything.  Take responsibility for your life.

Caveat Emptor.

Blessings, Georgia

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