Third Party Readings


A question on a forum led me to think about whether we, as Tarot readers, should do third party readings, and if so, when does it become invasive?

Many years ago I did a couple of readings for a friend about her daughter.  I was able to tell her many intimate details about what her daughter was up to.  A while later, I had an opportunity to speak to the daughter and I asked her how she felt about it and she told me she would like me not read about her to her mother.  Since then, I haven’t. So the question is, even though I could do a reading about the daughter and get a whole lot of information, should I?

Someone on the forum asked how to tell if a person was gay with the Tarot cards. Can it be done?  Yes, absolutely. Should it be done?  I’m not entirely sure it should.

A reply on the forum stated that by my opinion being “no”, I was being judgmental. Personally, I don’t judge gay people, or Black people, or religious people or any people.  I simply don’t care what color skin a person has, or who they choose to love. It’s just not my business.

Once too, I had a woman tell me she would pray for my soul and pray that I found Jesus.  Prayer is pretty innocuous, but I found I was greatly offended by this.  I didn’t want someone praying for something for me that I did not want.

So back to the question, when does it become invasive?  And what would be a better question to ask?  In the case of the potentially gay person, it turned out that she was reading for a friend who thought the person she was in a relationship with might be gay.  I think a better question to ask would be, “Is this the right person for me?” “What is the potential for this relationship?” “Is this person being honest with me?” Or perhaps do some Astrological compatibility charts and see if the relationship has potential. But is it really fair to look into someone’s personal thoughts and convey them to a third party? Obviously if the person is gay, he doesn’t want others to know. And if he’s not, what if the reading or the reader is wrong?

Where exactly do you draw the line?  I’m not all that sure.  I just know that my first reaction was that it was a terrible invasion of privacy.  Just because we CAN doesn’t necessarily mean that we SHOULD.


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