And yet another campus shooting.  Ho Hum.  Maybe it’s their fault, they should have rushed the shooter?

This issue seems to get more and more bizarre as time goes by.  It’s as though gun defenders cannot defend it anymore so now they are blaming the victims.

I’m so sick of all the erroneous comparisons and fallacious arguments.  So sick that I don’t even want to hear them anymore.  I’ve taken to simply deleting them off my Facebook page.   And those that proclaim them.

“Guns don’t kill, people do”.  Well, the same can be said for a nuclear weapon but we don’t want Iran getting one, now do we? Well, cars kill people don’t they?  Yes they do, but they are licensed, registered and insured.  People who can’t see, for example, can’t drive.  People with alzheimer’s don’t get licenses do they?  Yet basically anyone can buy a gun, leave it around for their psycho kids to take to school and kill children. And then, what is the purpose of a gun?  The same as a nuclear weapon: to kill people. What is the purpose of a car?  Transportation, people, not killing. And we have a million laws to prevent that too.

And then we get these “people” who want to walk around in Target with a shotgun, just in case, of course, they get robbed. If you are not, ahem, well endowed, a gun will not make it so.  Can you imagine a world where you go to the grocery store, for example, and see people openly toting weapons?  I’d personally be terrified.  i think I’d stop going to the store. And defending your property from theft…..why not install an alarm system instead?  They are pretty sophisticated these days.

The problem is, America is nuts.  I’m sorry, this country has gone mad.  We’ve allowed all the darkness in people to come out and saturate this country with gun violence, racism and greed.  We’ve sat by and watched as a very crazy, uneducated percentage of the population has taken over in the media and made it seem normal. And for that matter, even some of the most educated seem to be nuts too, so maybe we just have mass insanity? It’s not normal; we live in a hijacked country that is a joke around the rest of the world.

It’s time to get back to some semblance of reason and normalcy.  It’s time to bring back compassion into our government.  It’s time to regulate guns so that every crackpot can’t have one.  If in fact the Second Amendment guarantees everyone the right to a gun (and I don’t think it does), we need to rethink that too.  That Amendment was written in a time when America was vulnerable to foreign takeover. Now we have nuclear weapons to protect us from that.  (And possibly destroy the world too at the same time.)  It was a time a when there was no central police, and wild animals were not extinct as they are today.  It was a time when most of the population lived isolated in rural areas. It was a time before refrigeration, so it was necessary to go out and hunt your food. It was a time of extreme vulnerability that does not exist anymore.

My theory is that the American public is aware on some level that their government has been hijacked by the greedy few and they feel powerless.  They have transferred this feeling of powerlessness to their “gun rights”.  A gun is a symbol of power (and also a phallic symbol I might add), but it has little power anymore against big government.  And that’s exactly what big government wants.  A smokescreen for what they have really done.

And, even if the Second Amendment did guarantee everyone the right to have guns, maybe we don’t deserve that right anymore when we use it to kill our children?

Don’t bother disagreeing with me in a comment.  I’ll just delete it. I’m over it.

Blessings, Georgia

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