Oracle Decks


There are many readers who use oracle decks as a stand alone reading.  I use them a little differently.  I have many oracle decks and I will pick one for my client and have them choose a card or two as a last thought after their reading.  It’s uncanny how accurate and appropriate they can be.  I try not to interpret their card but leave it more as something to think about.  A favorite of mine is Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle as it has lovely artwork, an appropriate word or two and also an affirmation that they can take with them.  If I’m doing a phone reading, I will send them a photo of their card to meditate upon.  You can buy The Gateway Oracle here.

I have all sorts of other oracle decks from past lives to Faery.  I choose the deck that best resonates with my client.

I’m a die hard Tarot fan, but I think oracle decks are useful too and the artwork on them is stunning.

Blessings, Love & Light, Georgia

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2 thoughts on “Oracle Decks

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Oracle decks are generally less cards than a Tarot and have a particular slant. For example, there is a deck that deals with past lives and some that are specifically fairy decks, or crystal decks and others that are self help type decks. You can ask a question and pull a few cards for an answer. An oracle deck is more free form, while the Tarot is complex. I know people who read exclusively with them but I prefer the Tarot with its depth. I’ve recommended certain decks to my clients to help deal with issues and they have done well pulling a card or two a day. Blessings, Georgia

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