Spiritual Community

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In today’s busy and stressful world, spiritual community is more important then it’s ever been.  But first, what is the definition of spiritual community?  My definition is simple.  It’s a group of people who share similar (but not always the same) spiritual beliefs who meet regularly and support one another through life’s trials, tribulations and joy.

I have been facilitating spiritual communities since the 1990s.  The focuses of the communities have been diverse, but they all share one thing in common.  We are unified by our belief in oneness, non-judgment and the quest for knowledge and spiritual growth.

The community is like a great tree whose branches reach high into the sky.  Each member is a branch with leaves on the tree.  The trunk of the tree is the facilitator(s) whose purpose is to hold the tree together and flow nourishment to the branches. The roots of the tree are the spiritual beliefs of the community, and they anchor the tree to the earth and provide nourishment for their collective soul. Water and Sun are represented by the group meetings, events and education the community provides for the participants.  Together, the tree grows tall and strong and similarly, the members grow tall and strong.

As the tree sheds its leaves regularly, so does the community sometimes shed its members.  The community and its facilitators must be able to let people go as they undergo personal change, growth in new directions and shifting needs.  Faux spiritual communities try to hold on to their members by disavowing change and in some instances, intimidation.  In a true spiritual community, members should be encouraged to grow and change and seek new horizons on their spiritual paths.

A spiritual community should provide spiritual education for its members and this education should include shared interests. Whether it’s Reiki, Shamanism, Astrology, Tarot or even Christianity, all members should feel safe and free from judgment. Judgment is the great destroyer of the human soul.

My personal community has varied interests from Tarot, channeling, Reiki and Shamanic technique.  Years ago, I was part of a channeling group that regularly met to receive information about the spirit, healing and forming a spiritual community. What I learned about spiritual community in that group has formed the basis of all my communities over the years.

Members should be fed spiritually and also literally. Feeding the members is always a wonderful venue to unite people.  The potluck is a life saver….no one person has to cook for everyone and it gives people a chance to sample food from different chefs as well as food from different cultures.  Food is a uniting element in the spiritual community.

As the tree experiences the light of the Sun, so must it experience the darkness of the light.  From time to time, people will disagree, feelings will be hurt and egos will become overblown.  It is the resilience of the community to these issues that will keep it afloat, just as the trees resist wind and rain.  Sometimes it will be too much, and the community will shut down, perhaps to reopen with added lessons and a new vision.  All change is welcomed and good.

I urge everyone to either join or form a spiritual community.  It will be a very healing venture.  I will post more tips in future blogs on this topic.

Love, Light & Blessings, Georgia

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