Talking it Out


I’ve been wondering lately why it’s so hard to settle differences between people.  Not just on a personal level, but also on a global level.  It is ironic that the human race collectively has issues with communication, though we live in a time of intense and instant communication through media and electronics.

People get offended so easily and are so defensive when anyone says anything that is other than positive and lovey-dovey fluffy.  It’s almost impossible to tell someone something you don’t like about your interactions without suffering their anger, sarcasm and deflection.  I might be crazy but I think that two people who purport to be friends should be able to discuss their differences without anger and harsh words.  But I don’t find it’s so.  People do not respect each other.

I think that it’s so hard to work out problems on a personal level that it must be nearly impossible on a global level.  I guess that’s why the world is in such a mess. People are more dedicated to being right than getting along. And when their positions are no longer defensible, they resort to profanity and name calling rather than respecting the other person’s feelings or diverse views.  Just take a look at the comments in any political blog.

I think we all need to learn how to talk to one another.  If friendships are to survive, it’s essential. If the world is to survive, it’s imperative.


2 thoughts on “Talking it Out

  1. lovelimess

    A conversation is the only way to give communication a fair shake.
    Talking at people: sending an email, posting on social media, and sending a text message are all cowardly ways of saying your piece without actually initiating dialogue. Everyone wants to be heard, but it’s a 2-way street.
    Talking at people… nothing to respect there.

    “People do not respect each other.” – Couldn’t agree more.

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