Red Starbucks Cup


OK, I had to weigh in on this one.  I really do try to stay out of it, honest….

Apparently certain Christian groups are claiming that there is a war on Christianity going on in this country and the latest battle is playing out over the red Starbucks cup.  Seriously.

Apparently, there are no Santas, snowflakes, Christmas trees or other holiday symbols on the cup, therefore, Starbucks hates Christmas.  Say what?

There is no war on Christianity in this country.  Christianity has taken over this country.  Or rather, a sort of bogus Christianity that has not much to do with what Jesus said.  This bogus religion feeds on hate and judgment and does it under the guise of “The Bible says” so therefore it’s great.  The Bible says a lot of things, things that we no longer subscribe to, like slavery and cruel and unusual punishment.  But these people, in their insane desire to purvey hate and judgment pick out certain lines in the Bible and hold them up as justification for it.

I think the only people who are declaring war on true Christianity are these bogus Christians.  They are the ones who are making me think that this religion has become so perverted that perhaps it needs to be rethought.

I’ve read the new Testament as well as several other Gospels that were not included in the New Testament, and no where does Jesus say or do anything that would lead people to think that it is ok to hate and judge.  In fact, he did quite the opposite when he embraced people who were sick, different, or hated.  He taught to “treat others as we would like to be treated” and to turn the other cheek.  Jesus taught something that is very different than that which is being passed off as Christianity today.

And what of Christmas itself?  Is is truly about Christmas trees and snowflakes and a roly poly pagan character colloquially called “Santa Claus”?  No, Christmas is supposed to be a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and to celebrate the word he brought to humanity….love everyone, forgive, don’t hate, don’t judge.

So pick up your Red Starbucks Cup and stop this nonsense.  Put your energy into love and healing this world which has veered so far off track.   There is no war against Christianity.  Share the message of love.


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