Ho Ho Hum


Been thinking about the whole holiday bit and the Santa image that prevails here in the US.  Here is an obviously well fed individual who has probably had way too much McDonald’s in his life.  He looks like the typical American.  He carries on his back a huge bag of presents to give to spoiled people all over the country, while others don’t know if they will have anything to eat that day.  I think this image epitomizes the US today. Gluttonous, materialistic and not terribly attractive.

I’ve seen videos of people nearly killing each other to get bargains on “Black Friday” and going into debt on “Cyber Monday”.  These are terms I would be happy to never hear again.  My inbox has been cluttered with stores imploring me to shop, shop, shop, until I drop.  I have a problem celebrating a holiday such as this.

Christmas came from the Ancient Pagan holiday of Yule, when people celebrated the return of the Sun.  This was based around the Winter Solstice, which is the darkest day of the year.  After the Solstice, the days become longer until the Spring Equinox, when day and night are equal. The longest day (light) of the year comes at the Summer Solstice. Jesus Christ was not even born on December 25, and there is evidence that suggests that early Christians did not celebrate his birth.  Christmas grew out of the cult of St. Nicholas, a bishop who lived in the early 4th century.  The church latched on the gift giving of this cult hoping to supplant the pagan tradition of the 12 days of gift giving of Saturnalia during the end of December.  It gradually morphed into Christmas, and then Americans made it into the materialistic holiday it is today.

So I’m over Christmas and all the mad shopping.  I think it’s a time to get together with friends and family.  Share some good food.  Celebrate Jesus if that’s your belief….if not, just celebrate love and gratitude.  That’s all it’s really about.

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