The Inner Voice


I recently had some upheaval in my life where I had to leave the house I’d been living in for the last 8 years.  It was rather unexpected, what we Tarot readers would call a “Tower Experience”.  This is when lightening strikes the tower in the card and everything inside is violently expelled.

I went into  survival mode and acted out of instinct.  I was looking for a place to live in the town where I resided, but as I was looking, a little voice inside my head told me to look in another area, about 40 miles away. Since I’ve always listened to that little voice, I did, and found what seemed to be the perfect little place.  I didn’t think much about it; just acted instinctively.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t think about anything at all until several weeks after I moved.  It’s like I was acting on instinct only, and in the back of my mind I asked myself just what exactly I was doing.

It reminded me of a time perhaps 27 years ago when I woke up one morning in my bed in my hometown in New Jersey where I had lived for 38 years, and heard a little voice say, “Move to California”.  I didn’t think too much about that, just acted and somehow pulled it off with two small children, and two businesses that my then husband and I owned.  I’m not even sure how I talked him into it either.

So I got to California and started building a life there.  It wasn’t until a few years later I asked myself just exactly what was it that I had done?

What I did was change the course of my life.  How it went down would fill a book, but I healed myself of all (well most) of my issues, learned alternative healing, raised two wonderful boys and learned all the skills I now use to help others.  I don’t think that would have happened in New Jersey. I would have gone the way of my mother, lost to depression, unhappiness and anxiety.

Today I went to my post office box in my town.  It’s a few miles from where I live and very rural.  When I first went there I was thinking to myself, what exactly am I doing here?  But this visit was different.  My sister sent me a huge box, and a very nice man who was waiting for his wife helped me carry it and put it in my car.  That struck me as being such a kind gesture.  I looked around and thought to myself for the first time, this is a great place to live and I’m lucky to be here.

I realized in that moment I made the right decision to move here for that and many other reasons.  It’s opened up a whole new venue for my healing work and for that I am deeply grateful.  I’ve been able to connect with some friends I’d been too far away from to really have a proper relationship.  I realized how much I’d missed them. My new place is comfortable and beautiful and my landlords are focused on my happiness. That was a new one for me!

So I thought back on the times in my life I acted instinctively and listened to the “Little Voice” in my head.  Those were the times that I made the greatest strides and accomplished the most.  My saving grace is that I do take listen to that voice.  I’m not sure where it comes from:  a higher power, my higher self, a spirit or ancestral guide or divine guidance….but I do know that it has my highest good in mind.

I know a lot of people don’t listen for or even hear that voice.  But they need to.  You have to suspend all doubt; it’s a matter in having faith that there is something or someone or even your higher self guiding you.  The voice comes in stillness and spiritual practice.  Let it be heard.


Blessings of the Season, Georgia


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