New Year’s Message


It’s 6:35 PM PST; the New Year is upon us here in California.  I’ve spent the day doing something I never do:  watching old movies.  Cary Grant. Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe. All the old time stars of Hollywood and my mother’s generation.

It’s easy to see how my mother had great expectations around romance. Everyone ended up living happily ever after.  Her life, of course did not. And in the old movies there was just a hint of sexuality, not the all out Kim Kardashian butt in your face kind of sex. I feel like we have become desensitised by the in your face kind of world we inhabit.

I pride myself on being open minded and tolerant, but I found these movies somewhat refreshing.  They leave much to the imagination, and there is enticement there.  I like to watch happy endings, rather that blood, guts and gore.  Happy endings are what we all want, after all, isn’t it?  So why not fantasize a bit?

I wonder where it’s all heading in this world.  Sometimes it seems so bleak I don’t know how I can even go on.  But sometimes, I see a ray of hope out there.  Though many are pitifully asleep, many also awaken.  Many of those awakened beings are children. I’ve met many in my line of work and I have been pleasantly surprised by how open and spiritual these youngs beings are.  There is hope in the next generation.

I hope for 2016 more will awaken and the world will take a further step to becoming a place of peace and love and tolerance.  These are my old “hippie” ideals, but through it all, I never really gave up hope. Visualizing a new world helps to manifest it.  Visualizing war, blood and gore (and watching war, blood and gore) focuses too much on that type of energy. So I choose to take the fantasy. May we have our “happy ending” here on planet Earth.  We all know that for every ending there is a new beginning, and I look forward to it.

So visualize peace love and tolerance every day of the New Year. Have a blessed 2016.


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