Pins, Passwords and User Names


OK, I do want to complain.  The truth is my head is spinning.  I just got off the phone with a debit card provider, who shall remain nameless, and not only did I have to provide my password challenge questions, but I also had to provide the address where I lived when I was married 20 years ago.  They asked me to identify my ex-husband’s current wife’s name too.

Isn’t this going a bit too far?  And who does it protect, actually?  It protects THEM, not me.  They sent my new debit card to my former address where it was promptly lost or thrown out or whatever.  This because I provided a PO Box and they won’t send it to PO Boxes.  Seems it’s safer to send it to an ex-roommate or, if I had one, an ex-lover.

I’m not saying I don’t see a need for all this increased security, I get it, but sometimes it’s totally frustrating.  My old brain simply can’t remember all the user names and passwords.  Creating them is a challenge for me too.  I’ve run out of clever ideas for user names.  Passwords are getting pretty hard too.

OK, I’m done with the rant.  Maybe I should try and blog something more worthwhile. Hmmm….thinking…..


Love & Light, Georgia

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