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“Reiki Master” is a title that is bandied around these days as Reiki becomes more mainstream.  It concerns me for a couple of reasons.   The main reason is that many unqualified people are becoming “Reiki Masters”. The second is that as Reiki becomes more mainstream, that it may invoke some kind of governmental regulation because just about anyone can become a Reiki Master with virtually no work or experience.

As to the title itself, I have seen scorn expressed by some.  Some people don’t like it because they think there is too much ego involved, or the connotation of the word “master” invokes bad thoughts.

Here is the dictionary definition:

  1. a man who has people working for him, especially servants or slaves.
    “he acceded to his master’s wishes”
    2. a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.

I think there is some leftover discomfort over the first definition.

I personally don’t have a problem calling myself a “Reiki Master”.  I’ve spent almost 20 years as one, and 4 years before that as a practitioner.  I’ve attuned and taught hundreds of students, and administered Reiki to hundreds more.  It’s not my ego speaking, it’s just the value of EXPERIENCE.

Lately, I’ve noticed that some people are offering Reiki Master credentials over the internet via a video.

I personally think that can’t be done.

You can’t master something by watching a video, or even multiple videos, and you can’t master it in a weekend.  I evaluate my students to see how they are progressing.  I am available to answer all their questions.  I administer Reiki healing to others with them by my side.  They practice at my Reiki Circles and ask questions and experience all sorts of different issues and conditions with their own hands prior to receiving a Reiki Certificate.  They are required to submit six case studies on their own. Simply watching a video could never accomplish these requirements.

When you choose a hair stylist, lawyer, doctor, dog groomer or realtor, top on the list of requirements is EXPERIENCE.  Experience simply cannot be gleaned by watching a video and receiving a meaningless piece of paper from a virtually anonymous person on the internet.

Since this is happening all over, and since Reiki is becoming mainstream, I am afraid that the government will step in and regulate it as it does for allopathic medicine and we have seen where that gone.  Adding regulation and fees will alter the way that Reiki is practiced today. Reiki is a very fluid and spiritual practice and won’t conform easily to governmental regulations. It will remove a lot of very qualified people who can’t afford the fees of big government.  Reiki will become unaffordable to the very same people who can’t afford allopathic medicine and that’s something we definitely don’t want.

So, my conclusion is, use discernment.  Ask your Reiki Master for lineage, how he or she got his certificate, experience and education.  Don’t just blindly accept the term, but also don’t give over your power to someone just because he holds the title, “Master”.

Hopefully we can self govern for a while longer.


Blessings, Georgia

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