Reiki and Death



It’s a tough subject to broach.  I remember reading somewhere about a well known Reiki Master who had a heart attack and was quite astounded that it could possibly happen to him.  Let’s face it; Reiki can’t help you stay on this earth forever.  We’re just not built that way (as yet).  And it’s inevitable that at some point in time, no matter how much Reiki we do we will face serious illness and death.

But let’s focus on what Reiki can do.  It can make it all easier.  Two of my favorite Reiki stories come to mind:  my friend’s German Shepherd and my dear friend Ernie.

Many years ago I facilitated a Reiki Circle at a student’s house.  We met for several months.  Each time, her German Shepherd came and sat in the center of our circle.  At one point, she asked me to give the dog an attunement, which I did.  The dog just lapped it up. One day, I got a call from her saying the dog had died from cancer.  The vet was astounded, however, by the fact except for the day before she died when she collapsed, she seemed fine.  Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing…apparently, Reiki had helped her to live a QUALITY life, what little she had left.

My dear friend and student Ernie had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and suffered two small strokes.  Everyday, his friends and clients came and gave him and his wife Reiki. Every day, his fear left him and he fell asleep receiving Reiki from those he loved and who loved him. He passed peacefully surrounded by his loving family in his own home.  Yes, it was hard, but the Reiki treatments made it an easier, calm, loving experience.

Reiki is a wonderful practice to help those who are dying with pain control, stress release and to feel the gentle loving energy. Many hospitals and hospices are utilizing Reiki volunteers, and some of my students have gone this route. Reiki should always be a part of palliative care.

No, Reiki won’t save you from death, but it sure makes life a little easier.


Love & Light, Georgia

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