The Reiki Circle



I started doing Reiki Circles in 2001 as a means of having a venue where I could 1) Give service 2) Have a place where my students could get hands on training on a variety of different bodies, energies and conditions and 3) Form a community for like minded individuals interested in healing and spiritual growth.

I wanted to give service because I knew there were a lot of people out there who did have access to medical care (like myself) and need pain management.  There were people out there who were stressed.  And there were people out there who put a lot of stock in alternative healing. I wanted to help all these people and I also wanted to “heal the world”.  I knew that anything my small group did was exponential, and time has proved that to be so.  Most of my students have gone on to have students of their own, and to do great things in the alternative healing world.

I also didn’t want to charge a fortune for Reiki.  By having the Circles, I could have a two hour class on Reiki history, theory and symbols (Reiki II) and require my students to attend a circle for hands on experience.  I think hands on experience is the most important part of learning Reiki. By experiencing a variety of people, energy and conditions, the it becomes invaluable to the new healer. Since I was doing the Circles as my own form of service, I charged only for the class experience.  It kept the prices low and more people could afford Reiki.

I continue this concept to this day.  I have seen Reiki I classes costing upwards of $250. That price eliminates a lot of people who could benefit from Reiki.  I have also offered a reduced price Circle day only Reiki I class $65.

The third reason is that I wanted to create a spiritual community.  A place where people of different walks of life both spiritually and materially could gather together in non-judgment. Non-judgment is fundamental to me.  The only thing I don’t tolerate is judgment!

So that’s what my Reiki Circles are today.  A place where my students can practice.  A place where Reiki Masters can share information and knowledge.  A place where people can come to get much needed healing for a very tiny donation.  A place where we can come together to help “heal the world”.

If you’d like more information about my Reiki Circles, or you’d like to host one yourself, please feel free to contact me through my website,

Love & Light, Georgia



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