Dream Spirits

Whale Stars



Dream Spirits is the name of one of my favorite workshops.  I’m not the kind of person that consults dream dictionaries for clues to their symbolism.  The main reason is that it hasn’t worked very well for myself or my students.

For example, I tend to dream about dogs a lot.  Dogs represent loyalty.  I don’t think that I dream about dogs because of that definition.  I think I dream about dogs because I used to be a dog breeder and dog groomer, and they were a big part of my life.

I also have kept a dream journal for years, and I can tell you that many of my dreams were way out of the realm of Freud and dream dictionaries.  I’ve connected with deceased loved ones in my dreams, entities, spirit guides, power animals and even received counseling in my dreams.  The point is, I believe that in our dreams we access other levels of reality, and dreams are not merely a way to dump the contents of our unneeded excess thoughts.  In our dreams, we work out problems, dream solutions, connect with deceased loved ones and our spirit animals. Dream time is an opportunity for great spiritual and personal growth.

That’s the essence of my workshop.  Find out what your dreams REALLY mean.

For more information, contact me at sacredim@hotmail.com.

Love and Light, Georgia



















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