Political Burnout

Do you suffer from political burnout? I know I do. I have found that the current climate in the US actually brings me down into depression. Reading on a daily basis all the hate, absurdity, name calling and judgment has made me cranky and frankly, angry.

I actually just realized this today. Reading everyday about how our planet is being abused and people who say it’s all a hoax don’t really have eyes. Take a look around. Here in SoCal, summer started in February. That’s unusual, even for California. But there are those people out there who say it’s all a hoax. To me it really doesn’t matter if climate change is caused by humans or is a part of our planet’s natural development. I actually believe it’s a bit of both (and why so black and white, either or?). Stop polluting and destroying this planet and all the life on it. Period.

And all our politicians campaigning on WHO IS USING A BATHROOM. Seriously? This country seems to be obsessed with other people’s sexuality. Everyone is monitoring what others do with their bodies. And judging them. Frankly, what does sex have to do with government? Hail to the hypocrites!

And frankly I’m angry that once again I’m given a choice of voting from the lesser of two evils, so to speak. I’m tired of voting against someone rather than FOR someone. Is this really the best that America can come up with? That makes me angry too.

I’ve shut down so many friends on Facebook because I don’t want to hear their political opinions. I find a lot of them offensive. I’m going to keep doing that. And maybe read just a little less. Hear just a little less. I mean, have you ever tried to argue with a bigot?

I can’t keep getting upset about what I cannot change, All I can truly control is me. So I keep teaching my Reiki classes, writing my books, doing my Tarot readings in the hope that maybe some of the people I reach will heal and reach a level of compassion for humanity and animals. That’s really all I can do. World, I resign from trying to change you!

Love & Light, Georgia


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