Online Reiki Master



Taking an online course does not make you a Reiki Master.  It’s come to my attention that there is a big company offering Reiki I, II and III all together as an online course.  Reiki III is the master level.  Someone is making a lot of money doing this as the course is relatively cheap and sells quite well. Quantity, not quality.

This was definitely not Dr. Usui’s idea of mastering Reiki.  His students studied for quite some time before being proclaimed a “master”.They even spent a great deal of time at Level I and II. He actually made relatively few “masters”. They also spent much time as an apprentice to Dr. Usui, working in the field so to speak.   Their mastership was dependent upon their intuitive abilities, and developing the ability to feel or sense the byosen was integral to moving up through the levels. This comes through experience, and a lot of it, and cannot come from watching a video. This is true even today in Japan.

If you wanted to hire a lawyer to handle a court case, would you choose one who had merely read a book about law, or would you want a lawyer who had experience in the court room?  Would you want a doctor who read a medical book but never performed a surgery? Of course not.  And this online-watch-a-video method of training a Reiki Master is the same thing. It’s the experience that makes the master, not reading a book or watching a video.

I also have to wonder if it’s altogether safe to give three levels of attunements at one time. There is definitely a cleanse period after each attunement and I have had students have difficulty during this time.  To give three attunements at once, even via distance, is just too much energy to handle.  And worse than that, there is no Reiki Master to help the student through this difficult time. That’s a big part of the job of a Reiki teacher.

And, there is a spiritual component to Reiki.  Receiving each attunement brings the student to a new level of spiritual growth.  The Master Level is the deepest and most profound.  Attunements and healing sessions also bring healing to the practitioner.  The work simply cannot be rushed. And, the Reiki Principles are a big part of the practice. They must be assimilated into the student’s life over a period of time.  Merely reading them is not enough.

An online course that is sold to virtually anyone is dangerous.  Reiki Masters determine if the student is ready to deal with the public as a teacher and healer before offering Mastership.  We also determine if the student is ready to receive their certificate.  This is not possible on an online environment.

We owe our clients to be the best we can be.  Claiming the title of “Reiki Master” because you watched a video is not fair to them.  People come to us with their problems and we owe it to them to be experienced as well as educated.

We also need to uphold Dr. Usui’s legacy.

Love and Light, Georgia



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