Creating a Reiki Altar



If you are at Reiki Level 2 or above, you might want to assemble an altar dedicated to distance healing.  This way, you can send Reiki daily to many people at once.

In the altar above, you can see seven large stones around the perimeter. Each stone is a color of a chakra, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and black.  In the inner circle sit several pyramid stones which amplify energy.  The box in the center contains the names and locations for those receiving the healing energy.  A Buddha watches over.

Each day the stones are charged with Reiki energy by drawing and chanting the symbols over the altar.  This will enable the stones to send Reiki to all the recipients mentioned in the box on a daily basis.

Your altar needn’t be elaborate.  You can use small quartz crystals instead of the larger crystals and not have any in the inner circle.  Any shelf or small table inside or outside can make a great Reiki altar.  All you need to do is ensure it won’t be disturbed by children or animals.

Place the names and locations of the people requiring distance healing on a small square of paper in the box.  Keep your altar clean and dusted.

Love and Light, Georgia



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