High Tech Magic



In this technology age, we tend to think that tech and magic are basically incompatible, since magic works with the natural world and the elements.  This is not necessarily true. I’ve found a few ways to integrate technology with the ancient practice of magic and manifestation.

I’ve used technology for healing.  Often on Facebook, I come across people needing healing, fighting terrible diseases, or animals in distress.  I simply draw the Reiki symbols over their photos with my finger, intending to send Reiki to them.  This isn’t too far from putting a photo of someone needing healing on your Reiki altar.  In fact, it’s much quicker and to the point, as I visualize the symbols and healing travelling instantly through the web to the recipient.  Intent is everything.

I use email to send healing requests that I receive to a group of online distance healers. This is quick and effective.

I also have used tech for manifestation.  When I wanted to get rid of a negative thought, I wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it in a copier on the reducing button.  My negative thought became tiny, and from there I could burn it and get rid of the ashes.

You are only limited by your imagination!  I would love to hear your ideas on high tech magic, so feel free to comment below!


Love and Light, Georgia



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