America Gone Mad



Uh-oh, another soapbox blog…..

Things I heard on the news this past week:

  1.  A Senator prays for the President’s death, quoting Bible passages. And no one arrests him.
  2. California has a 5.2 earthquake.  I read the comments on one Yahoo news story and nearly everyone says that this earthquake happened because god hates gays.  Was the primordial earthquake because god hated gays too?
  3. A young girl is shot and killed after performing. The attacker was heavily armed. Is this what a “right to bear arms” really means?
  4.  A gay club in Florida is attacked by a gunman and 50 people die as more are injured. Is it coincidence that it was a gay club, and gays are being persecuted publicly and with “political correctness”?
  5. The Democratic party runs a female for president.  The country is awed.  Before we pat ourselves on the back, consider the fact that countries all over the world, including third world countries, have had female presidents decades before the U.S. Is it really so special?

This is just the last week in America. I’m sure there is more, that’s just the headline news. I’m not going to politicize it or point fingers, just stating that this is what’s going on. Clearly America has gone mad.  I don’t see this stuff happening in other countries.  Oh wait, yes I do…in the Middle East.

What’s going on here?  It seems like we have taken several giant steps backwards, while the rest of the world moves forward. I for one am quite appalled by the direction this country has taken.  It’s not a political thing, it’s a humanistic thing. The hatred and racism that are running rampant in the US actually hurts my heart.  We can vote, and perhaps vote in politicians that work for equal rights, but the fact still remains that there is a large faction in this country who have these awful, racist beliefs.  They don’t simply go away. And, aside from Middle Eastern countries, I don’t see this in other “First World” countries.  Canada and Europe seem much more sane than the US.

It’s sad.  I feel like the US has been hijacked by the “religious right”.  It’s not hard to see how they gained power…it happened slowly and insidiously at first, until one day we woke up and there they were.

I don’t care so much about politics.  I think we are evolving past the black and white mentality we see in the political process.  I care about humanity.  I care about compassion. I care about our planet.

I want my country back.  I want to feel pride.  I want to not see news stories about hatred and racism.  I want not to be bombarded with bible quotes on a daily basis.  I want for my heart not hurt because people are daily the victims of hatred and racism.  I want to see compassion become the norm, not xenophobia.This is what makes America great, not walls and racist talk.

It seems to me that America has developed a “ME” mentality and compassion is not a part of it. Perhaps we’ve become too privileged and spoiled? We have lost sight of the fact that we are all one.

I don’t want us to build walls, I want us to build bridges.

Love and Light, Georgia



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