Spiritual Community 2


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I have already written an overview of the concept of spiritual community.  Today I will concentrate on one aspect of spiritual community. This is the aspect of non-judgment.

So many communities fail because those in charge are driven by ego and thus the tendency to judge the other.  Ego has no place in a community. By definition, community indicates equality with no one person dominating the others.  There will be a tendency for certain individuals to take a leadership position, because many people do not want to be leaders while others do well at it.  This becomes a problem when ego invades and they begin to think that they are better and more correct than the other

If you are thrown into the leadership position, think of yourself as a facilitator, rather than the person in charge. A facilitator helps to make the needs of the group become a reality, not his or her own needs. A good facilitator will help the people understand their common objectives and find a just and effective way to manifest the objectives.  A facilitator will remain somewhat objective, but will always keep the original intention of the group viable.

It’s important to always think of the needs of the group rather than the needs of the individual.  A leader should consider the opinions of the others, whether or not he or she agrees with them.  It’s not necessary to agree with everything.  It’s important to consider other suggestions as to how the group will run and what direction it will take. A good facilitator will make all members of the group feel that their needs and input are important. A good facilitator will also keep the group on track, gently steering back when the meeting gets off track.

In a Spiritual Community, the goal is always spiritual rather than material or ego driven.  A community may form around a spiritual belief, such as meditation, yoga, Tarot reading or Reiki.  My latest group has been for the most part Reiki focused, so we concentrate on Reiki and don’t digress too much into other areas.  Related areas such as crystal healing and chakra therapy meld well with Reiki.

Judgment has no part in a spiritual community.  There have been times when a participant has been a disruption to the community.  It’s important that the facilitator speak with the person and try remedy the issue.  Asking the person to leave is a last resort.  All should be accomplished without judgment.

I believe that spiritual communities will become more prevalent as the world evolves and changes over the next couple of decades.  I certainly hope so, anyway….

Love & Light, Georgia





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