Guns Over Life



Reading all the Facebook posts and comments about the recent shooting in Orlando, I have come to the conclusion that Americans value guns over human life.  It seems to mean more to gun owners to be able to retain their guns even if it means people will die. Their “right” to own any kind of gun, and as many as possible -a right, by the way, I question -supersedes the fact that lives might have been saved if shooters didn’t have semi-automatic weapons.

My feeling is that even if one life is saved, then it’s worth it.  Especially if that life is your mother, father, sister, brother, child or lover.

I also have gotten the impression that the NRA runs the Congress of the United States. How does an organization get that powerful?  What is happening in the US?

We couldn’t be further from the concepts of oneness and unity.  These are beliefs that I hold dear.  What happened to those people in a nightclub in Orlando happens to all of us. We are all connected by the great web of life.  As these shootings become more and more frequent, more of us are directly affected. And all of us are affected because WE ARE ALL ONE.

People are upset all over the US.  This level of pain and suffering affects us all. It permeates every cell of our existence.  As a healer and empath, I feel overwhelmed. My heart breaks when I read the ugliness and hatred of the comments by thousands of Americans.  I feel ashamed of my country, built on the premise of freedom and liberty. How far we have strayed.


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