Using Reiki To Heal the World



I’m down off my soapbox and thinking about what I can actually do help all the situations I complain about.

One thing I can do is work to send Reiki all over the world. This is one of the wonderful results of Reiki distance healing and the Distance Symbol.  We do this at our monthly Reiki Circles during our group healing.  All members of the group hold hands as we send Reiki out into the world.  I visualize it going to all the places where violence and suffering prevail.  Special incidents like Orlando get mentioned….we send Reiki there to heal those who have lost loved ones.  We send Reiki to those souls who have left the body and are moving on to the next step in their soul’s path….we send Reiki to those who have perpetrated this crime….and we send Reiki to heal the rift in the earth caused by a senseless act of violence.  Yes, the earth is affected.  We all are, as we are all one….

I also ask that our healing energy connect with all the healers all over the world.  I have found that there are energy healers all over the world, even in places you wouldn’t expect them to be.  Uniting our energy, creating a grid of healing over the planet is synergetic and the effect is exponential.

A Reiki Group Healing Meditation is featured below to use with your own Reiki groups.  It’s from my book, Reiki, Crystals and Chakras and if you’d like to purchase the book, it’s on You can expand and edit the part where Reiki is sent out into the world to reflect current events and concerns of the group. This meditation will also balance the Chakras, so it will help to heal the individuals in the group.

I remember one Reiki group I belonged to in the 90s had a blow up beach ball that looked like the planet.  We passed the ball around and each gave it healing energy.  I really like that idea but I’ve never found another ball like that again.

In your daily meditation and personal Reiki session, you can send healing energy out all over the planet.  A generator crystal will help too.

Remember too that the greatest gift you can give to the world is your own healing. When you heal yourself, you also heal those around you and the effect is exponential.

Live your life with love in your heart, an open mind, and non-judgment. Respect the planet and all life on it.  Each person who raises their own vibration brings us one person closer to manifesting the compassionate planet we all want.

What do you do to heal the world?

Love and Light, Georgia

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Form a Circle, holding hands and closing your eyes.  Take a moment to center yourself.  Begin to relax your body from the legs up through the torso, the shoulders and the neck and the head.  Take a deep breath in, and release.  Take another breath in, and release.  Breath in healing energy with the in-breath, and breathe out all your tensions, cares and worries with the out-breath.

Envision a golden ball of light above you, in the center of the Circle.  See the ball slowly spin around and around.  Watch the ball change color, becoming a deep, vibrant red.  Watch the ball send a beam of rich, red light over the circle, flowing through your body and anchoring in your Root Chakra. (Pause)

The the slowly spinning ball turns orange and beams a rich, orange light over the circle and through your body, anchoring itself in your Sacral Chakra (Pause)

Now watch the ball turn yellow, and beam a sun-yellow light over the circle and through your body, anchoring itself in your Solar Plexus.  (Pause)

The ball turn a beautiful emerald green color.  It sends a beam of light over the circle, and through your body, to your Heart Chakra.  (Pause)

Next, the ball turns a beautiful turquoise blue.  The beautiful blue light beams over the circle and anchors in your Throat Chakra.  (Pause)

A deep amethyst purple light beams from the ball over the circle and anchors itself in your Third Eye Chakra.  (Pause)

Finally, the ball turns white, and white light fills the circle and your Crown Chakra (Pause)

Visualize all your chakras as vibrant balls of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white, spinning in harmony with your body and your life.

Look up again as the ball turns back to its original golden color.  Participants with Reiki symbol knowledge can visualize the symbols in the minds.  The ball begins to rain Reiki energy droplets over the circle, filling your body and each cell with Reiki healing energy.  Let your body fill with the energy.

When your body is full, pass the energy from your body to the person to the left of you.  Visualize the energy going around the room to every person in the Circle.  Beam the energy through the room, the town you are in, your state, the United States, and the planet.  Send the Reiki energy to areas of the world experiencing war, famine, plague.  Visualize the energy seeping into every corner of the earth (pause).

Slowly bring the energy back into the room and into the circle.  The energy is very powerful now.  Bring in any friends, relatives, pets or loved ones who need healing by saying their names out loud into the circle (Pause until all have spoken).

Take the excess energy in your body and send it down through your spine, legs and feet into the Earth.

Slowly bring your attention back into the room and open your eyes.



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