The Naysayers



I was just watching some videos of people debunking psychics, mediums and other people who claim extraordinary skills.  One man had been a professional magician, and he showed how spoon bending was simply a trick, and how cold readers allegedly gather facts about people from prior to the sessions.

I don’t doubt what he said and I’m sure, like any other business, there are a fair amount of charlatans out there.  I see some of them on TV, and I’ve thought that myself.  However, I’m sure that a large number of people are definitely gifted and some are in between.

I do have to say that I feel sorry for those who have to take such a negative stance against anything that exists outside their own reality.  Where would this planet be if someone had not suggested that the world was not flat, or that infinitely small particles such as atoms and germs exist?

I think it’s important not to have a rigid reality.  It’s also important to have a healthy skepticism.  But having an open mind is tantamount to growth as an individual.  I pity those whose minds are so closed that they cannot accept another reality.

My mind is open to all sorts of concepts:  life after death, parallel realities, different spiritualities, other life in the universe, the usefulness of Tarot cards and mediumship, the power of meditation….all of it and those ideas that haven’t even reached my consciousness yet.

This Universe is infinite in possibilities. I’m sure there are a billion ideas that humans haven’t even had an inkling of yet. We tend to think that we what we perceive as reality is actually reality, but actually, it isn’t.

So instead of debunking, how about opening the mind to try and grasp these concepts?  I know my life has been greatly enriched by having an open mind.  And I’ve been able to share that enrichment with others.

Think about it.

Love and Light, Georgia


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