Chakra Therapist




Are your Chakras unbalanced? Are you fearful of change? Give your love too easily and get your heart broken? Need to open your heart? Fearful of rejection? Wracked with guilt? Learn how imbalances in your Chakras can affect your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually and how these imbalances eventually manifest as disease.

What is the purpose of Chakra Therapy?

  1. To understand the fundamentals of the human Chakra system and utilize that knowledge in our Reiki or energy healing practice.
  2. To identify energy blockages, thought patterns and belief systems that challenge our physical, mental and spiritual health.
  3. To learn meditations, journaling, physical exercises and energy healings that can facilitate our healing and growth.
  4. Finally, to get on the road to integration of body, mind, spirit and universe and increase our ability to function effectively on this planet and to give service to our fellow human beings.

True health comes from having a balanced Chakra system.  Effectively, this calls on us to be able to walk effectively in both the spiritual world and the physical world.  The Root Chakra must be open and grounded, as well as the Crown Chakra.  Many healers and facilitators neglect the lower Chakras, living most in the upper ones.  You must be able to balance your checkbook as well as connect with the Divine.

My Chakra Therapist’s Certification course will enable you to effectively work with your own Chakra system, learn to identify imbalances and to effectuate rapid healing for your clients.  You work at your own pace completing each chapter and finally, learning effective Chakra balancing techniques.

For more information, please feel free to contact me via my website,

Love and Light, Georgia


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