I thought this might be a good time to offer a list of my services and what they  might mean to you.

  1. Tarot Readings.  I have been reading the Tarot for clients for over 20 years.  My style is compassionate but direct.  I always try to have my clients leave the reading with a positive feeling for the future.  There is almost no situation that is impossible to solve and my training as a life coach will help you find solutions to your problems.  I am also an occasional psychic medium, meaning I can receive messages from your deceased loved ones.
  2. Astrology.  I began studying Western Astrology in 1993 and it has been a great love of mine over the years.  A full Astrology Consultation with current transits will help you to discover your true self, your soul’s purpose, identify karma and issues from childhood, help in vocational decisions, and give understanding to your relationships.  I do love compatibility charts as well. Your reading will also include current transits, or what’s going on now in your life. A computer generated report is included with every consultation via email.
  3. Usui Reiki classes and sessions.  I teach all levels of Usui Reiki including Reiki Master Teacher.  My Master Teacher classes are really a mentorship, where you will learn to pass an attunement, conduct your own classes, manage your Reiki business and help your clients.  I am always available to answer questions for my students, even years after their classes!
  4. Chakra Therapist’s Certification.  Becoming a Certified Chakra Therapist will assist you in your energy healing practice and is also invaluable for yoga teachers, acupuncturists and massage therapists.  It will also help you to understand your own Chakras, and to remove blockages that cause disease.
  5. Medicine Buddha Reiki Master.  Learn to use the ancient Buddhist Mantra for healing and health.
  6. Heart Reiki (Karuna Ki) Master.  This is a Reiki practice that is ever evolving.  It will open your Heart Chakra and help you to heal karmic issues.
  7. Past Life Regression and Guided Meditation.  Your session will help you to identify karmic blocks to your growth and success.  Guided meditations will introduce you to your spirit guides, animal totems and higher self for problem solving and personal growth.

For years, I have dedicated my life to helping others to reach their optimum potential, find their spiritual paths and have successful vocations and personal and love relationships.

Drop a line and let me know how I can help you.

Love and Light, Georgia



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