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I’ve recently made the unfortunate mistake of straying into the arena of political posts and reading comments.  Wow!  The comments are awful. And it’s not restricted to one side either, it comes from both sides.

It seems that with the anonymity of the internet, people feel free to say whatever they are feeling at the moment.  That can be cruel, racist, a personal attack or just plain mean. There seems to be no filtering.  I have never seen such blatant unkindness in all my life.

If I do venture to read political comments, and yes, I know I shouldn’t, I come away feeling slightly nauseated. And I can’t blame Donald Trump for it (though he is the champion of mean comments) because we are all individuals with free will and we alone control our own behavior. We started it and only we can stop it.

If you can’t put forth your political opinion without cutting down someone else, then your opinion is invalid.  One of the most common techniques I see is “deflecting”, meaning calling out your opponent for his or her behavior as a defense of your own position.  Sort of like when children say, “Mommy, he hit me” and the other child answers, “He hit me first!”  Or for adults:


Try kindness.

Love and Light, Georgia



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