Reiki Distance Healing



Did you know that it’s possible for a Reiki practitioner to send healing to you or your pets over distances? The amazing Reiki Distance Symbol allows for healing to travel all over the planet and beyond.

By invoking the Distance Symbol, the practitioner then sets an intention to send Reiki to a specific person, pet or place.  A photograph of the person or pet is helpful to the practitioner, as well as the location of the client.  The practitioner then focuses on sending Reiki while visualizing the client receiving the healing energy.

I have found the distance method to be very effective.  I’ve had to use it many times for friends and clients who lived far away.  It is also possible to send the Reiki Attunement via the Distance Symbol. So it’s possible to take a Reiki class online.

I believe that it works because all things are connected.  There have been many examples of ideas travelling the cosmic continuum.  For example, when monkeys in one area of the world suddenly began washing their food before eating it, monkeys on the other side of the planet soon began doing the same thing.

I offer in person Reiki healing sessions for people and pets in the Southern California area.  The cost of a visit will vary according to location.  The basic visit is $50 + travel charges.  I also offer distance healing at the cost of $25 per person or pet.  This covers one half hour of me personally sending Reiki to you or your pet.  Please provide a photo of the Reiki recipient.

I also offer online Reiki classes, Levels 1 and 2.  Send an email for more information.

You can contact me at:

Love and Light, Georgia


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