Questions for the Tarot


The Tarot can provide a wealth of information, but it’s important to ask the right questions. The Tarot can provide a lot in the way of answers.

I have found that there are many categories of readers.  Some simply read the Tarot, which is effective.  Some are intuitive, meaning they pick up on your thoughts.  Others are empathic and can feel what you and those in your life are actually feeling.  Some have powers of precognition, and can see into the future.  Others are mediumistic, and can connect with those who pass.  And a few are channelers and can connect with your guides and angels.

Phrasing your questions properly is key.  Rather than ask, “Is he coming back to me?” ask instead, “What can I do to be more receptive to love?”  “How do I block love from coming into my life?”  “What do I need to do to prepare myself for a serious relationship?”

Asking these questions will provide a wealth of information to help you to make your life more receptive to love.  And perhaps it will even help you to bring in your next love, which may be “the one”. Keeping open to options is very important.

If you do ask a yes/no question, such as “Will I get the job?” be very specific.  “Will I get the job at ABC Company?”  This way, you are ensured to get an answer.  Question, “Will I get the job?” might provide an answer, but the answer may be for another job months into the future.  By being specific, you help your reader get you the answer you need.

Another question that is common is “When?”.  “When will I get a new job?” When questions are very tricky for a reader.  Some readers cannot even answer when questions.  We do our best, but it’s important to consider that “when” is more of a flow of time, as time doesn’t really exist in the “cosmic continuum”. And then there are those times when timing just comes to the reader….

Asking specific questions about a third party can be invasive.  For example, asking if your new love interest is gay is really prying into their personal life.  Ask instead, “What will be the nature of my relationship with X?” This way, you will get the information you need without prying too much into X’s life. It’s always ok to ask for information for yourself.

Also, please note that any Tarot reader with integrity will not tell you when you will die, that you have a “curse” put upon you, or that you have a specific illness.  This is not acceptable.  If you hear anything like that, run!

Yes, the Tarot can look into the future.  Remember though, it’s like a line of dominoes…we can predict how things will turn out based on the current situation, but simply by virtue of the fact that you are asking the question and receiving information, you may change the outcome.  Actually, that’s the point of a Tarot reading!

So think about what you want to know before you come to your reading because you will come out better informed.


Love, Georgia


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