Broken Hearts

Everyone remembers the phrase, “He’s just not that into you”. I think it became a book and was featured in an episode of Sex and the City. It refers to the pesky little fact that perhaps that guy or gal who is not calling and answering your texts really isn’t that interested in having a relationship.

At least twice a week I get a person who comes in for a Tarot reading asking about a former lover who is long gone.  They can’t quite get the person out of their minds, and they cannot move forward to a new relationship.  They believe in the hearts that the person is coming back, but most times the card reading indicates they will not.  I’ve actually had a person get mad at me because I did not confirm that the lover was indeed coming back.

I have a lot of compassion for these people because I was once one.  It took me many years to get over a former lover, and no relationship I had afterwards lasted because he took up too much space in my heart.

In my pain, I looked everywhere for relief.  I learned Reiki, energy healing, Tarot reading, Astrology, and more, just trying to understand it.  And I learned something valuable from the experience. What I learned is the subject of a book I’m currently writing on soul mates.

I’m not going to give away the contents of my book, but there is a lot more at play here. These people who we can’t seem to forget are more than just not being that into you.  They are soul mates, people who come into our lives move us forward on our spiritual path. They aren’t necessarily meant to stay.  Sometimes they are catalysts, coming to wake us from our negative lives.  Sometimes they come to alert us to something that is out of balance within ourselves — ego, closed heart, low self esteem.

But I would say nearly almost all the time they come from our past lives. They come with unresolved karma that leaves us feeling like we are uncomplete without them.  Once the karma is complete, we can move on.  I’ve done many regressions that have helped people to move on from these types of relationships.

For more information, you’ll just have to wait for the book.  Or book an appointment!


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