Miracle Cures

Yesterday, I read that soy is being reconsidered as beneficial.  It was originally touted as such, then not.  From time to time, various items become the “it” miracle cure, such as turmeric, certain mushrooms, marijuana, etc.

Though I think some products have merit in our diets, I don’t think that any one can be the “magic bullet” that is a cure-all. I think this kind of thinking comes from the discovery of the original “magic bullet”, penicillin, which changed the course of humanity. Previously, diseases such as a strep throat or an injury could cause death.  Penicillin came along and saved millions of lives.

Today we are always looking for the “miracle cure”, the instant fix that will solve all our problems and heal all our diseases.  As a healer, I know that true healing comes from many places:  Reiki, energy healing, allopathic medicine, alternative medicine, spiritual maturity, positive thoughts, appropriate diet and weight, and a meaningful life.

I call the instant cure, “McSpirit”.  It’s the American mentality of wanting everything instantly, like a McDonald’s meal.  Yes, you get instant gratification, but in the long term you destroy your body.

What we really need is balance in our lives.  Balanced chakras, balanced emotions, balanced meals, balanced thoughts.  True healing takes work and must occur on all three levels: body, mind and spirit.



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