Spiritual Etiquette

I love to visit different places of worship, from Orthodox Churches to Hare Krishna Temples.  Probably because I have a rising sign in Sagittarius, the sign of religion and philosophy, religion and spirituality intrigue me.  Before I visit, however, I consult Google to see what the customs are.  I think it’s very important to respect cultural rules and mores.

Lately however, I’ve found that in spiritual not religious circles, people are disrespectful in events I have facilitated.  I am assuming it comes from ignorance, so that’s why I’m writing this blog.

Most often encountered is tardiness.  Recently, I participated in a Full Moon Circle.  We created an energetic Circle.  The Circle is created in order to intensify the energy that is raised for our purposes. In this case we were letting go of negative belief systems that held us back.  So it was pretty intense.  In the middle of the Circle, during out meditation, a person came 40 minutes late and was banging on the (glass) door.  I motioned to her that I couldn’t let her in, and she became quite irate.  A few months ago, we were in the middle of a meditation during Reiki Circle and had the same issue with a late comer. In this instance, she told me how RUDE I was and was quite angry.

So the lesson here is simple:  if you want to attend a spiritual event, any event, BE ON TIME.  To come late is to be very disrespectful to the people facilitating the event and to the participants. To come late is to disrupt the flow of energy, the concentration of meditators and to simply disturb the the event in a way that is rude.  So be ON TIME!

Another no-no is not to touch someone else’s sacred tools without asking. This includes crystals, wands, Wiccan tools, drums, rattles and etc.

Dress properly and respectfully.  I once had someone come to a serious event with her breasts quite literally hanging out.  Also, don’t talk out of turn or laugh loudly.  Don’t interrupt when someone else is talking.

So next time you go to a spiritual event, be courteous and respectful.  If you have any questions at all, contact me.


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