I want to preface this by saying that this is NOT a political article. I am not making any statements about immigration in the US. What I am writing about is an experience I had during the course of my work and I wanted to share it to perhaps make people think a little.

Years ago, I did a past life regression for a person who was having a difficult issue that she couldn’t resolve. That’s usually when I recommend regression. During the course of the regression, she went into a lifetime where she was a slave woman working in a field and her child was wrenched from her and sold. Her grief was immeasurable and was the cause of the current issue in her life.

When I think about the children being taken from the parents at the US border, I can’t help but think of this past life regression.


There’s also research that the traumas that we face actually change our genetic code (epigenetics).

The damage that is done to these children, as was done to slaves and Native Americans, LIVES ON FOR GENERATIONS.

I think it’s time to reconsider all we do and start acting with compassion. That not a political position, but a spiritual one. It’s time for the human race to collectively evolve and feel some compassion for other people, animals and the planet.


“Cold Reading”

I was just asked, yet once again, to do what is called a “cold reading” by a client. She wanted to simply sit and say nothing, and I shouldn’t use my cards, to give her a reading.

First of all what is a cold reading? This is a technique used by mentalists and scam artists where emotionally charged blanket statements are made that are sure to resonate with the client. For example, saying to a sad looking woman who has come in for a reading, “You have just lost someone”. This statement is so vague that it’s bound to resonate. It could be anyone from a boyfriend, relative or a pet. Consider the mediums who work a large room. Most of the people who are there are there because they have lost someone and are hoping to connect with them again. So saying “This person lost someone to a heart attack”, or “This person name starts with an ‘M'” is bound to get a hit. Mentalists and mediums are good at reading body language.

I’m not saying that all mediums are shams. I personally know some very good ones. I’m just saying that the people who come for readings expecting a “Long Island Medium” type reading are not my cup of tea.

That’s not to say that I can’t do those cold readings. I’m very good at reading people and body language and could probably do that. But it’s not what I do. It goes against my ethics.

I’m a Tarot reader and an empath/psychic. I don’t read minds. I don’t want to read minds. What I do is answer my clients questions using my skills. If you want to know what the outcome is of a given situation, I can do that. If you want to know someone’s motivations, I can tell you. If you want to know your soul’s purpose, I can tell you that, using Astrology. If you want to achieve your goals, and make your life better, I can help you. Occasionally, I do hear from the dead.

What I’m not is a scam artist, mind reader or mentalist. So please don’t ask me to be one.

Choosing a Doctor

I had a wonderful doctor. She was a Holistic Doctor and an internist. She knew I only used pharmaceuticals if I was dying and that I was a Reiki practitioner. She knew what that is. She never forced anything on me. Throughout the years, I have found that when my “gut” said no, don’t do it, I was usually proved correct.

Unfortunately, she moved to Virginia, so I am now in the unenviable spot of having to find a new doctor. It’s not easy. I was talking to the manager of the doctor who was taking over her practice and she had no idea what Reiki is. None whatsoever. I don’t really understand how anyone in medicine today could not know what Reiki is since it is practiced in all the major hospitals, at least here in San Diego.

The feedback I get from my students who are involved with hospitals is that there are many doctors and nurses who are willing to try Reiki out, but many are totally resistant.

So my dilemma is finding a doctor who is open to alternative practices. I’d love to find an alternative health care professional, but insurance doesn’t cover it.

So, I will let you know how I solve my dilemma. I’m still experiencing it!

Tarot for Self Exploration

We all know that the Tarot can be used for divination…predicting the most likely outcome for a given question from a querant…but did you also know that it can be used for self-exploration and self-growth?

While the Minor Arcana are for mundane events, the Major Arcana are actually representative of the Fool’s Journey to self realization. The Fool begins his (or her) path with little baggage, a lot of faith and a loyal companion. He journeys through all the lessons of the Major Arcana, getting in touch with the hidden realms through the High Priestess, to the enlightenment of the Hermit, the balance in the Justice card, overcoming base emotions in the Strength card, casting off old thoughts and emotions that no longer serve him in the Death card, to completion of the World card. As the Fool is card “0”, or a circle, he completes his journey only to start again on the next level.

You can start by sorting your cards into Major and Minor Arcana. Ask the Major cards what lesson do you need to learn today? Pick your card and then study the lesson of the card, integrating it into your own soul’s path.

The Tarot has many useful applications and divination is just one of them. Try it out!

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Distance healing occurs on the Great Web of Life, the quantum field or that which links us all. Everything is connected and this is not merely fanciful thinking but it is quantum physics. Eminent psychologist Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious. In this world exist archetypes, or a pattern of thought or behavior that is present is all societies, both current and past. An example would be the Great Mother. She appears throughout civilization in the various goddesses and female religious figures such as Mother Mary.

The concept of The Great Web of Life is an old one. It is well known in Native American and Eastern Indian spirituality but it is found in Western spirituality also. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, “Everything in this world is connected to me like a string of pearls.” Native American culture teaches that everything is connected on the great web of life. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says, “Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.”

Scientific study acknowledged the “hundredth monkey effect”. This was a phrase coined to identify the observation that when monkeys in one area of the world decided to wash their potatoes before eating them, monkeys hundreds of miles away soon started doing the same thing, without any physical contact. Quantum Physics is the study of this connection.

So we must accept the concept of interconnectedness. It is through this interconnectedness that we are able to instantaneously send Reiki energy to another location on the planet via The Great Web of Life. Or anywhere in the Universe for that matter.

The Reiki Circle

As some of you know, I host Reiki Circles pretty often in La Mesa, CA. I have recently added a new location where I am offering Circles and classes. That location is: Return to Wholeness, 13514 Pomerado Rd, Ste L, Poway, California 92064. Our first Circle there will be July 8 at noon.

Many people are curious about what goes in my Reiki Circles. Here’s a brief rundown:

Our Reiki community meets monthly for our “Reiki Circle”. And circle it is, chairs are arranged in a circle so that no one person appears as the “leader” and all are in equal positions. We begin with introductions. Each person who joins our community has a different background and differing needs. It’s important to ascertain the participants’ needs prior to starting the circle so that we are sure to give everyone what they need. This also serves to introduce everyone to the group. Make each person feel needed and wanted and cared for.

After introductions, we announce upcoming events, the next Reiki Circle, and dispense any other information the participants may need. We answer questions for newcomers. We move into a healing based meditation. Sometimes we do a chakra balancing meditation, one to access inter-connectedness or one to access compassion. The next activity is a group healing meditation, where all the participants hold hands, send Reiki energy around the circle, give distance healing to those who request it, and extend healing into the world. I like to try and connect our energy with the energy of healers all over the planet. I envision a great grid of healers spreading Reiki energy all over the Earth. Participants are grounded and brought back into ordinary reality. Individual table time follows with several healers working on individual participants on a Reiki or massage table. With several healers working on one person, ten or fifteen minutes is more than enough time to spend on each person.

I usually ask participants to bring food or cookies. If it’s a potluck, it would be food to share with the group depending upon the time of day. If not, healthy snacks are appropriate. I always keep cookies available because sometime “newbies” get very ungrounded around the energy that they are not used to and the sugar in the cookies is grounding. We tend to the healthier type cookies like oatmeal and organic cookies.

The Reiki Circle is not only a place of healing, but a place where people can become members of a spiritual community. Knowing that there are people in the community who are caring and concerned for their wellbeing is essential for clients to come back into a healthy and healing lifestyle.

Non Violent Communication

My latest endeavor is to read a book I purchased about non violent communication. It seems like everywhere I go these days I see examples of people communicating in ways that are defensive, combative and in some cases down right abusive.

When did we get so disconnected from each other? That’s what it feels like. Everyone is so filled with anger from unresolved issues that they lash out at one another, as though that will fix what is really wrong within themselves: their own hole in the soul.

People hide behind “speaking their truth”, as though this will excuse their abusive language against one another. It’s fine to “speak your truth”, but remember that it’s YOUR truth, not THE truth, as though there is such a thing. I have found that “truth” is relative, not subjective.

I see it on forums and Facebook posts and in my daily travels throughout my very compacted world. There is a total lack of respect and compassion for one another in this world today. There are forces out there that wish to divide us and have us live in fear. And there are people, who in their defensiveness, lash out at one another in order to be “right”.

By being defensive, so many alienate the very people who would help them on their difficult journey on this planet Earth.

So I’m going to learn non violent communication. It’s my hope that you will too.

Blessings, Georgia