Reiki, Now More Than Ever

I first learned Reiki way back in 1993.  I was going through a terrible time in my life and I happened into a metaphysical store and met some wonderful people.  The owner of the store was a Reiki Master and talked me into getting my first attunement.  Without really understanding the incredible impact Reiki would have on my life, I took the attunement and proceeded through 1997 to take all the levels of Reiki. Since I took my Reiki Master I have been teaching Reiki and have attuned hundreds of students.

Over the years I learned many metaphysical modalities but Reiki was the one that really got me through life.  For many years I worked as a dog groomer and a retail manager, trying to raise my kids and learn as much as I could about alternative healing of body, mind and spirit.  Those were hard years and for many of them I had no health insurance. Even when I worked for a big box type pet store, they didn’t offer health insurance.

Working those types of jobs took a terrible toll on my body.  I suffered pain in my wrists, back and feet.  I got so bad at one point with Plantar Fasciitis that I could barely walk.  It took me awhile to realize that I could in fact use Reiki on myself, as I was very focused on using it for my clients.  After about of week of daily Reiki, my foot healed and I never had it again.  There were many aches and pains over the years, but Reiki never let me down.

My point is that we are not totally helpless in the current healthcare situation.  I find what is going on with healthcare in the US appalling, but I do know that there are many things I can heal on my own, or with the help of other alternative health practitioners. Reiki has gotten me through and I’m sure it will continue to help.

So don’t just sit and let all this happen.  Take your power.  Learn Reiki.  Learn alternative healing. It’s one of the many ways we can FIGHT BACK.

Love & Light, Georgia


Ego and Reiki

Ego has no place in healing.  It is possible to accomplish greats feats of healing with Reiki, but taking credit for the healing promotes the growth of ego.  Ego creates blocks in the Chakras.  A Reiki practitioner must present as a clear and open channel for the energy.  When ego intrudes, judgment enters and there is no place for ego in healing work.

The biggest error Reiki practitioners make is believing it’s them doing the healing and not the energy. It’s not you; it’s the energy.  The energy exists in perfection and will go where it needs to go, no matter what the practitioner does. I’ve seen practitioners waving their arms around and doing all sorts of dramatic movements, but the truth is that Reiki can’t be done wrong and it can’t be controlled.  The practitioner is merely a channel for it.  Try to be a pure and open channel.  Reiki energy is Divine in origin; it exists in perfection.

Reiki mastery should never come from ego.  As I tell all my students, “I don’t care if you raise the dead, it’s still not you.”  And so it is true that the healing comes from the energy both within the client as well as the Ki that exists in the universe and is channeled by the practitioner. The practitioner is merely a channel, “an empty bone”, as the saying goes. So the ego has to die; if not by willing it away then by uncomfortable situations that the Universe (or God, or Goddess) will throw at us to make us learn this difficult lesson. The Universe ever conspires to do battle with the ego. These are our “lessons”, uncomfortable to downright miserable events that come into our lives to help us to learn and grow. And thus, the need to “heal the world” comes from compassion, not ego.


Love, Georgia

Psychic Protection



Do you walk into a room and immediately sense the mood of the inhabitants?  Do you pick up other people’s emotions and pain? Continually get drained by certain individuals? Live with people who continually bring you down? Shy away from crowds, the mall?

You are most likely an empath. An empath is someone who feels another person’s feelings, emotions and pain. Many of the empaths I have met during the course of my work had no idea that the negative emotions they were feeling weren’t actually theirs.

Some people are the victims of psychic vampirism. Psychic vampirism comes from individuals who dump all their problems on you.  They feel better, but the problem is you feel horrid! Some will actually get energetically charged by your energy, but will drain you.

Psychic attack occurs when another person thinks negative thoughts about you that you pick up on.  You might not be aware that this is even happening.

So what can you do?  This is the realm of psychic protection work. There are many techniques to barrier yourself from the emotions and pain of others.  We will be discussing these techniques on December 10, 2016 at Myztic Isle in La Mesa.  This very important class, “Grounding, Centering and Protection” is open to all people who need to learn to protect themselves, who are empathic, work in the healing or psychic professions or merely are drained from the people closest to them.  You can sign up on my Facebook event, Georgia Vlahos/Ravenhawk.

Love and Light, Georgia

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Reiki: Do No Harm?



One of basic tenets of Reiki is that it can do no harm.  But what does that really mean?  I see that the “New Agers” on the Reiki forums believe that Reiki is some fluffy healing modality that is all love and light.  In a sense, in the big picture it is; however, healing is not so simple.

The big picture is that ultimately, it won’t do any harm because it’s all universal life force energy. But the truth is, take that life force energy and hit a big blocked chakra and there . will be some repercussions. As the blocked chakra is opened by the flow of Reiki, stored up negativity, blocked energy and bad memories are released. This can cause a healing crisis. A healing crisis is a temporary worsening of symptoms prior to healing.

I remember many years ago, I took my son for a Reiki II attunement before I became a Reiki Master.  He was about 10 years old.  Later that afternoon, I sent him off to the hills behind our house to pick White Sage for me. Well, the next day, he woke up COVERED in poison oak.  It was so bad I had to take him to the doctor. She said it was the worst case she had seen in a long time. The interesting thing was, it only lasted a couple of days. And he never got it again, though he continued to pick Sage for me. I realized later that he experienced a healing crisis that ultimately cured his poison oak allergy, however, he was pretty miserable for a couple of days.

Another student of mine ended up in the hospital with a latent intestinal problem right after her Reiki Master attunement.  She recovered and healed of the problem, but she had a couple of difficult days. Was it a healing crisis?  It’s totally possible.

Another student had his Reiki II attunement and became severely depressed as his wife had just recently passed.  All the suppressed mourning came out and he had to see a doctor. He moved through it and was ultimately better, but again, it was a rough few days.

My point here is that we can’t look at Reiki as some fluffy New Age rose colored modality. As Reiki Masters, we often deal deep dark issues that emerge in our students.  It’s a Reiki Master’s responsibility to be available for his or her students during this period. A Master must have proper professional referrals if needed for his students. You can’t get that from an internet video. Reiki is a serious healing modality, not some abracadabra, poof!  You’re healed! Healing takes time, dedication and courage to face our demons for once and for all.

It’s been my experience that the Reiki I attunement healing crisis is basically physical. The Reiki II attunement is primarily emotional and mental, though it might have physical repercussions.  And the Master level is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Many of my students have reported a real connection to all-that-is during the cleanse period of the Master level.

It’s important to find a Reiki Master who is experienced in all these possibilities.  And to realize that healing is WORK…there is no “McSpirit”.

Love, Georgia


Tune In!



Join me tomorrow on Blog Talk Radio.  I will be discussing Reiki healing with noted author, Dr. Rev. Karen Tate on her show, Voices of the Divine Feminine.  I will be answering questions frequently asked about Reiki such as “How can Reiki change your life?”  “Has Reiki been accepted by traditional medicine?” “Can animals benefit from Reiki?” and much more.

Please tune in and join us!



I thought this might be a good time to offer a list of my services and what they  might mean to you.

  1. Tarot Readings.  I have been reading the Tarot for clients for over 20 years.  My style is compassionate but direct.  I always try to have my clients leave the reading with a positive feeling for the future.  There is almost no situation that is impossible to solve and my training as a life coach will help you find solutions to your problems.  I am also an occasional psychic medium, meaning I can receive messages from your deceased loved ones.
  2. Astrology.  I began studying Western Astrology in 1993 and it has been a great love of mine over the years.  A full Astrology Consultation with current transits will help you to discover your true self, your soul’s purpose, identify karma and issues from childhood, help in vocational decisions, and give understanding to your relationships.  I do love compatibility charts as well. Your reading will also include current transits, or what’s going on now in your life. A computer generated report is included with every consultation via email.
  3. Usui Reiki classes and sessions.  I teach all levels of Usui Reiki including Reiki Master Teacher.  My Master Teacher classes are really a mentorship, where you will learn to pass an attunement, conduct your own classes, manage your Reiki business and help your clients.  I am always available to answer questions for my students, even years after their classes!
  4. Chakra Therapist’s Certification.  Becoming a Certified Chakra Therapist will assist you in your energy healing practice and is also invaluable for yoga teachers, acupuncturists and massage therapists.  It will also help you to understand your own Chakras, and to remove blockages that cause disease.
  5. Medicine Buddha Reiki Master.  Learn to use the ancient Buddhist Mantra for healing and health.
  6. Heart Reiki (Karuna Ki) Master.  This is a Reiki practice that is ever evolving.  It will open your Heart Chakra and help you to heal karmic issues.
  7. Past Life Regression and Guided Meditation.  Your session will help you to identify karmic blocks to your growth and success.  Guided meditations will introduce you to your spirit guides, animal totems and higher self for problem solving and personal growth.

For years, I have dedicated my life to helping others to reach their optimum potential, find their spiritual paths and have successful vocations and personal and love relationships.

Drop a line and let me know how I can help you.

Love and Light, Georgia