Reiki for Pets

Reiki is a very simple method of energy healing.  It’s not necessary to have a complicated procedure for giving Reiki to your pets. By pets I mean dogs, cats, fish, birds and reptiles. Animals are generally very receptive to energy healing, and Reiki is a very simple method of energy healing.  Reiki energy goes where it needs to go, regardless of what you are doing.

Simply place your hand over your pet as shown in the image and let the Reiki flow!  If you know where your pet is hurting, place your hand on the spot, or you can place your hand just a little above the area if it’s too sore for touch.

You can give Reiki during your loving interactions with your pets.  Hold the dog or cat in your lap and just let the Reiki flow out of your hands.  When your pet begins to lose interest, or when you feel the Reiki stop flowing, you are done.  This could be 10 minutes or an hour.  Reiki is basically an intuitive process, so pay attention to how your pet is acting and how the flow of Reiki is moving through your hands.

For larger dogs, sit on the floor with them.  Give Reiki to their heads, then their neck and chest and intervals down the torso until you reach the rump. This will cover just about everything.  If there is a particular area of injury or disease concentrate on it after doing the rest of the body.  Treat with Reiki as long as the pet will sit.

Make your Reiki time with your pet a loving time, by petting and whispering loving words to them. Your pet will come to seek you out for Reiki if it’s an optimum experience for them.  I have known many pets who come up to the Reiki practitioner asking for healing energy.  Animals are well aware of the benefits of Reiki and they have no “monkey mind” to doubt it.

A few animals will not sit for a Reiki treatment. This may happen if the pet is not yours and is shy. I’ve had this happen with clients’ cats a few times. You can treat these animals with distance healing from another area of the room. This is also true for birds and reptiles if they are not comfortable with handling.

To give Reiki to fish or reptiles that cannot be handled, simply place your hands on the glass walls of the tank and let the Reiki flow. I once had a little Betta fish named Fred who was looking like he might pass.  I placed my hands on his bowl and let the Reiki flow.  He actually swam over to where my hand was.  It was pretty obvious that he felt the energy.  He lived for another year after that.

I have had animals actually show me where they are hurting by pointing to the spot with their noses. Animals are very open and receptive to Reiki and keenly aware of what you are doing.

To give a basic treatment to your pet, it’s necessary to at least be attuned to Reiki I. A Reiki I attunement will enable you to render hands on healing, in other words your hands must touch the pet, or be no more than an inch from its body.  The Reiki II attunement enable you to send distance healing.

If you would like more information about taking a Reiki Class, please contact me.  Reiki I is available online.


Reiki for Pets

Throughout my 25 years as a Reiki practitioner, I have had occasion to treat many animals.  Here are the stories that stand out in my mind….

Kitty was a Devon Rex cat and about 9 months old at the time of her illness.  She became unable to eat and vomited a lot.  I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with an obstruction in her intestine. The vet operated and removed it (it was some stuffing from my children’s toy) but she developed peritonitis, which is usually fatal.  I received a call from the vet in the evening telling me Kitty was dying and getting cold. My sons were very upset, so I called all my friends and told them to send her Reiki.  I sat up all night sending Reiki to her.  In the morning, the vet called and said Kitty was up and growling at them (she hated the vet) and they had no explanation for her improved condition!  I didn’t tell them about Reiki then because it was a “fluffy New Age” type of thing that no one took seriously then. Today is it very mainstream.  The PS to the story is that Kitty lived to be 21!

Mindy was a German Shepherd Dog who lived with a client of mine.  I used to go to her house to facilitate a monthly Reiki Circle and every time I was there, Mindy would sit in the middle of the circle.  My client asked me to give the dog a Reiki attunement, which I did.  A few months later, the owner called to tell me Mindy had passed.  What was really surprising was that Mindy had cancer all through her body, but until the last two days of her life she ran, played and ate like normal.  It seemed that Reiki gave her a quality of life she probably would not have had.

A new client called me a couple of years ago because she had experienced Reiki for the first time when she was in the hospital for surgery.  She wanted me to come to her house to give Reiki to her beloved cat, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The cat wasn’t eating and was failing.  I gave the cat several treatments and also attuned the owner so that she could give the cat Reiki herself.  The cat rallied and lived two more happy and healthy years!

Animals love Reiki and it’s quite effective for them.  Often, they will show you where their pain is by indicating it with their noses.  Many seek it out once they have experienced it.

If you would like to learn Reiki and Reiki for Animals, send me an email for information on courses I teach.  You can become a very effective Animal Healer pretty easily.  It’s not hard!

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Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I’ve noticed a post by a person who is making Reiki Masters for $47 over the internet.  I tried to comment on this post, and found I could not.  It would appear that this person does not welcome comments and that many of them could be negative.

I assume he is making a fortune on this.  That might be why he turned off the comment section. I myself am truly upset by what he is doing.

He advertises that he is teaching the way Dr. Usui taught, as Western Reiki is “wrong” as taught by Mrs. Takata.  Yes, she had many faults, but she taught Reiki the way way it was intended to be taught by its founder, Dr. Usui. In person.  And over time. In fact, Dr. Usui took way more time at each Reiki level than any of us do these days. He made very few Reiki Masters too.

You can’t master anything in a few moments.  We in the West seem to be stuck on what I call “McSpirit”, the McDonald’s mentality of getting your food, and everything else you want, in an instant.  Applied to spirituality, it doesn’t work.  It doesn’t even work for feeding our bodies.

Being a Reiki Master is complicated and it’s a skill.  You have to have the experience to handle all the things that will come up with your clients and students.  And believe me, there is no end to the variety of issues and problems that come up, not the least of which is the “healing crisis” that might occur after receiving Reiki treatments and attunements. Every student/client is different.  A Reiki Master must be there for them.  You can’t just send some materials and then disappear while your client/student struggles.  It’s unethical.

Would you want a doctor or lawyer who had viewed some YouTube videos to operate on you or handle your lawsuit?  You would choose the most experienced doctor or lawyer you could find.

Reiki is a serious practice.  We are dealing with peoples’ lives.  It’s not a frivolous  feel good practice.  It has a serious ability to heal, reduce stress and pain.

If you want to be a Reiki Master, do the work.  Get the experience.  Take the time to learn in person.  Reiki is becoming more mainstream these days (like in hospitals and the VA) and it’s important to have well educated, experienced practitioners out in the world.  That doesn’t come from a YouTube video.

For more information on my Reiki practice and becoming a Reiki Master  check out my website.

Reiki in the Age of Uncertainty

I was chatting today with a friend and I told her how I survived all the years I didn’t have health insurance.  Luckily, I never had anything very serious, and this blog is not to imply that Reiki can heal everything and you shouldn’t see your doctor when you need to. Please see a doctor for all serious conditions.

On the subject of doctors, I did finally find one who doesn’t take insurance and you pay as you go.  This type of doctor is popping up all over now because insurance has become so cumbersome, expensive and time consuming.  These types of doctors charge a monthly fee, and then charge per office visit.  My doctor charges $25 per month and a $40 office visit, that includes basics tests in the fee. I would highly recommend finding such a doctor for people who have lost their insurance, Medicaid, Medicare through the actions of our current government.

Having imparted that bit of information, on to Reiki. For many years, my main job was in retail store management and dog grooming.  These are two professions that are very hard on the body and I suffered many an aching back.  The worst physical problem I experienced was plantar fasciitis, an excruciating painful situation in the arches of the feet.  I was walking nearly 8 hours a day in a 10,000 foot store.  I limped around for a month or so before I remembered that I was a Reiki practitioner.  I spent several days giving myself Reiki treatments and one day when I was walking, I noticed that I was no longer in pain. My job continued, so I was still walking around all day.  The condition never came back.

Reiki is a form of energy healing.  It works by allowing the healthy flow of energy through the body.  Energy becomes blocked in areas of pain, disease and injury.  A Reiki treatment helps the body to heal itself. Reiki relieves stress and pain.

Reiki is helpful when you are stressed or in pain.  In fact, many hospitals today are using Reiki volunteers to help those patients who are accepting of such things. It is especially helpful to chemotherapy patients as it helps to lessen the intensity of side effects of the treatments. It is also helpful for surgery patients. One client came to me after experiencing Reiki in the hospital while having her gall bladder removed.  It calmed her and reduced the pain and healing time. After that she learned Reiki, mostly to help her cat who had been given a terminal diagnosis.  The cat lived several years more after her Reiki ministrations.

I have also heard that Reiki reduces bleeding during and after surgery.  This is just what I’ve heard from clients; I’ve never experienced it myself so I don’t know for sure.

Anyone can learn Reiki.  You can learn to treat yourself and your family and friends, or you can learn to become a practitioner.  Level I and II are generally the family and friends while Level III, Master Practitioner prepares you to see clients and start your Reiki business.  Level III, Master Teacher allows you to teach Reiki to your own students.

You don’t need to have any special skills, although if you want to start a Reiki business some basic business skills and people skills are very helpful.  I have taught four year olds Reiki, as well as an eighty year old man.  And every age and situation in between. One of my students was a diagnosed schizophrenic and I have had several with bipolar illness.  In all cases, Reiki was reported to be helpful to them. I found the four year olds easiest to teach because they are the most open and least judgmental.

I also think that in light of our current opioid crisis, Reiki can really help by reducing the pain of medical procedures and perhaps eliminating the need for narcotics and it can help reduce the pain and stress associated with opioid withdrawal. Perhaps if doctors prescribed Reiki treatments instead of Oxycontin, we could reduce the amount of people addicted to these drugs.  But I don’t think the drug companies would like that, so it’s necessary for people to take control of their own healing and seek out a Reiki practitioner.

I can’t really legally say that Reiki has actually healed any condition.  Perhaps scientific trials will prove that someday and I can say it.  But it certainly can never hurt to try.

I teach Reiki I, II and III levels. Reiki I and II can be taught via the internet.  So if you live in an area or country where it is not available, you still can learn Reiki.

We have to take control of our lives because the help we need may not be available.  And if something as non-invasive, and non-addictive as Reiki can make a difference, why not try it?

Blessings, Georgia

You read all about Reiki and energy healing in Georgia’s book, Reiki, Crystals and Chakras, available on Amazon.



Reiki Chants

I am listening today to Reiki Chants, by Jonathan Goldman. OK, I have no excuse for why I never discovered this amazing recording before.  It was released in 2006.  That said, I have now discovered it and I love it.

It’s an hour long, which is the perfect timing for a Reiki session.  Each of the four Reiki symbols, Power, Mental/Emotional, Distance and Master, are given a section of chant.  It’s ok though, for those of us who still like to think the Symbols are a secret.  They are not readily recognizable to anyone but a Reiki practitioner.

I believe in the power of the Reiki symbols.  I know some practitioner don’t, but I am well aware of the value of chants and mantra. Calling on the symbols and using their names brings power to the healing and opens the Chakras (especially the Heart Chakra).

I’ve been playing it as part of my morning meditation, and to use in sending distance healing.  Today I’m using it to send Reiki to a dear friend who is having an uncomfortable medical procedure to diagnose a possibly serious illness.  I also love to play the Medicine Buddha Reiki (I am also a Medicine Buddha Reiki Master) chant and the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. I chant the latter for those who are passing, or who are facing that possibility.  It’s “The Great Mantra for Overcoming Death”.

Because of my background in Bhakti Yoga, or the Yoga of devotion, I find chant to have many wonderful effects.  The Sanskrit language was developed to enhance spiritual development and I have found it actually changes the brain.  Where once my brain was flooded with negative thoughts, Bhakti Yoga chants replaced those negative thoughts with the chants.

And as many may know, each of our Chakras has a Sanskrit seed sound which may be chanted to open and align all the Chakras.  A great recording that I enjoy is Bija Mantras, Watering the Seeds by Jai Uttel.

Well, anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent but I wanted to share some wonderful recordings with you.  Check them out.

Love & Light, Georgia

Reiki, Now More Than Ever

I first learned Reiki way back in 1993.  I was going through a terrible time in my life and I happened into a metaphysical store and met some wonderful people.  The owner of the store was a Reiki Master and talked me into getting my first attunement.  Without really understanding the incredible impact Reiki would have on my life, I took the attunement and proceeded through 1997 to take all the levels of Reiki. Since I took my Reiki Master I have been teaching Reiki and have attuned hundreds of students.

Over the years I learned many metaphysical modalities but Reiki was the one that really got me through life.  For many years I worked as a dog groomer and a retail manager, trying to raise my kids and learn as much as I could about alternative healing of body, mind and spirit.  Those were hard years and for many of them I had no health insurance. Even when I worked for a big box type pet store, they didn’t offer health insurance.

Working those types of jobs took a terrible toll on my body.  I suffered pain in my wrists, back and feet.  I got so bad at one point with Plantar Fasciitis that I could barely walk.  It took me awhile to realize that I could in fact use Reiki on myself, as I was very focused on using it for my clients.  After about of week of daily Reiki, my foot healed and I never had it again.  There were many aches and pains over the years, but Reiki never let me down.

My point is that we are not totally helpless in the current healthcare situation.  I find what is going on with healthcare in the US appalling, but I do know that there are many things I can heal on my own, or with the help of other alternative health practitioners. Reiki has gotten me through and I’m sure it will continue to help.

So don’t just sit and let all this happen.  Take your power.  Learn Reiki.  Learn alternative healing. It’s one of the many ways we can FIGHT BACK.

Love & Light, Georgia


Ego and Reiki

Ego has no place in healing.  It is possible to accomplish greats feats of healing with Reiki, but taking credit for the healing promotes the growth of ego.  Ego creates blocks in the Chakras.  A Reiki practitioner must present as a clear and open channel for the energy.  When ego intrudes, judgment enters and there is no place for ego in healing work.

The biggest error Reiki practitioners make is believing it’s them doing the healing and not the energy. It’s not you; it’s the energy.  The energy exists in perfection and will go where it needs to go, no matter what the practitioner does. I’ve seen practitioners waving their arms around and doing all sorts of dramatic movements, but the truth is that Reiki can’t be done wrong and it can’t be controlled.  The practitioner is merely a channel for it.  Try to be a pure and open channel.  Reiki energy is Divine in origin; it exists in perfection.

Reiki mastery should never come from ego.  As I tell all my students, “I don’t care if you raise the dead, it’s still not you.”  And so it is true that the healing comes from the energy both within the client as well as the Ki that exists in the universe and is channeled by the practitioner. The practitioner is merely a channel, “an empty bone”, as the saying goes. So the ego has to die; if not by willing it away then by uncomfortable situations that the Universe (or God, or Goddess) will throw at us to make us learn this difficult lesson. The Universe ever conspires to do battle with the ego. These are our “lessons”, uncomfortable to downright miserable events that come into our lives to help us to learn and grow. And thus, the need to “heal the world” comes from compassion, not ego.


Love, Georgia